Based on the novel by Pamela Redmond Satran, "Younger" follows 40-year old Liza, a suddenly single mother who tries to get back into the working world, only to find it’s nearly impossible to start at the bottom at her age. When a chance encounter...

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Season 1 - Younger
"40-year-old Liza (Sutton Foster) passes herself off as 26 to land a job in the field of her dreams. Now she just has to make sure no one discovers her secret. Also stars Hilary Duff, Debi Mazar, Nico Tortorella and Miriam Shor."
"As she settles into her new 26 year-old life, Liza is tasked with marketing an older writer to a younger audience. Although she has a perfect date with Josh, she tries to convince herself to aim for someone more age-appropriate."
"Liza struggles with the anxiety of sex with Josh and gets a little help from Maggie. At work, Kelsey pulls out all the stops to land a hot new author, while Diana dips her toe into the online dating pool."
"Liza tries to keep Josh at arm's length, but a surprise run-in leaves her reevaluating her feelings for him. Kelsey asks Liza to keep her in check as she celebrates her new author acquisition with innumerable shots of tequila."
"After lending Kelsey a hand in the bathroom, Liza joins Kelsey's inner circle and neglects Maggie at the worst possible time. Diana's excited by the arrival of Empirical's handsome and potentially soon-to-be-divorced publisher."
"Liza gets to prove herself when Diana tasks her with running a book launch party for a notoriously demanding author. Maggie runs into an old crush, who's finally single, while Kelsey starts to fall for her new author, who's not."
"When her ex comes up short on a tuition payment, Liza has to swallow her pride to earn some quick cash without arousing suspicion from Josh. Kelsey continues to blur the line between editor and mistress with her prize author."
"As the grind of 20-something life continues to wear Liza down, she glimpses a more age-appropriate world when her publisher needs her to babysit. Kelsey's affair with her author finally comes to a head at an award ceremony."
"Liza returns to her New Jersey book club hoping to incite interest in an unpublished author she discovered at work. Meanwhile, Josh freezes Liza out when she insults his intelligence."
"After a bedbug scare forces Liza into some uncomfortable and illuminating sleeping arrangements, she struggles to close the deal on her first literary find."
"Liza learns of a potential new career option while Lauren throws the outlandish bat mitzvah she never got to have. Kelsey deals with the fall-out from her affair."
"Liza's lies come to a disastrous head on multiple fronts, threatening to ruin her professionally and romantically."
Season 2 - Younger
"Liza tries to sort out her relationship with Josh as her daughter Caitlin returns from school."
"Liza questions Josh's interest in her while another publisher courts Kelsey."
"Liza and Kelsey prepare to launch their new imprint in spite of online criticism."
"Liza and Kelsey pursue their first author, who is a temperamental fashion blogger."
"Hoping to learn more about Liza's life, Josh attends a dinner in Jersey with her."
"When their first author proves to be more trouble than she's worth, Liza and Kelsey worry their imprint might be over before it ever gets started"
"Liza accompanies Josh to a musical festival and helps Charles with a work assignment."
"Josh's inclusion in a New York Times profile puts a strain on his relationship with Liza."
"Liza is in for a big surprise when she drives up to the farm of the Shepard she met at the farmers market."
"Liza leans in at work, joining an assistants' networking group where she learns more than she'd like to about Thad."
"Empirical rolls out the red carpet for its biggest author as Liza tries to coerce Thad into telling Kelsey the truth."
"When tragedy strikes, Liza wonders if it's time to say goodbye to her 26-year-old life forever."
Season 3 - Younger
"Liza returns to her job and sends her daughter back to college. Kelsey is burying herself in work after Thad's death. Liza is having trouble in paradise after Charles, her boss kissed her. She has to choose between Charles and Josh."
"Liza's identity is under threat by Thad's laptop and Kelsey being exposed to the truth. A Silicon Valley billionaire invests in Empirical."
"Liza rallies the Empirical team to save her hometown bookstore from closure. Kelsey dips her toe back into the dating world."
"Liza has to bridge millennial divides in the workplace and in her personal life when Empirical's new investor tasks her with signing YouTube stars."
"Kelsey dates a seemingly perfect guy, but Liza and Lauren think it's too soon. At a party of doctors, Josh puts his relationship with Liza under the microscope."
"Liza and Kelsey pursue an erotica author writing under a pseudonym, and are shocked to discover their identity."
"Liza and Kelsey try to preserve their author's anonymity, but a women's erotica event threatens to expose the truth."
"Liza finally makes her divorce official and Diana meets a hot stranger outside of work. The two worlds collide as Liza ends up in the hospital."
"After Liza and Kelsey strike a deal for Colin's novel, an unexpected publicity hype leads to a bidding war; emboldened by her therapist, Diana introduces herself to Richard, the therapist who works next door."
"Liza and Josh's future together is thrown into question after having opposing reactions to a near miss."
"While facing an impasse with Josh, Liza draws closer to Charles at the Hamptons Book Fair. Kelsey feels erased from Colin's narrative."
"Liza returns from the Hamptons and has to deal with the aftermath. A famous life coach, whose book Empirical is pursuing, forces Liza to face some hard truths."
Season 4 - Younger
"Liza deals with the aftermath of coming clean with Kelsey, and Charles tests their synchronicity. Kelsey and Josh become unlikely allies."
"Liza faces fallout over the revelation of her age. Kelsey is infuriated over Liza's lack of millennial knowledge."
"At a work retreat, Liza and Kelsey reach a breaking point. Liza receives news that changes everything."
"Liza and Kelsey dive back into the dating pool and quickly discover how complicated it is."
"Liza hunts for a new romance author, bringing her closer to Charles; Maggie slashes an art competitor."
"The success of Liza and Kelsey's latest title spurns a Twitter feud, ending in disaster. Maggie meets a woman with a little something extra."
"Liza deals with Charles and the aftermath of his confession while Kelsey goes upstate with Lauren and Josh to try to do the opposite and avoid her boss."
"Liza receives a great opportunity at work, but there's a catch. Josh meets someone new."
"Josh and his new Irish girlfriend are invited to the company picnic, where things do not go as planned. Meanwhile Liza tries to keep the truth about her feelings for Charles from his ex-wife."
"When Liza is drawn into an author's Upper East Side life, her two worlds collide. Kelsey rescues Lauren."
"When Charles invites his wife to move back in, Liza decides to try a new relationship. Diane learns an ugly truth about Richard. Lauren encourages Josh to follow his heart."
"Liza and Maggie go to Ireland to meet Josh. Kelsey has to play nice with a new colleague. Charles' personal life gets thrown into the public spotlight."
Season 5 - Younger
"Liza returns from Ireland to discover that Edward LL Moore has written another book, but she soon discovers that she isn't the only one who is creeped out by his flirty attitude."
"Liza and Kelsey seek out a potential business partner for Millennial; newlywed Josh returns to Brooklyn; Charles sees Liza with fresh eyes."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Liza takes a chance on a charming journalist, both professionally and personally; Diana steps outside her comfort zone."
"Liza's secret forces her to think on her feet. Kelsey gets familiar with her new author. Josh grapples with the commitments he's made."
"Charles calls in Liza after running into trouble with a rock-star author on Shelter Island. Maggie reaches a career milestone."
"It's Christmas in New York. Liza celebrates with Caitlin. Kelsey finds herself caught up in a web of her own making. Charles makes up his mind."
"After Christmas, Liza adjusts to a huge change; Maggie confronts long buried issues; Kelsey corrects the course of her love life."
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