Wolf Creek

An anthology series which centers on different characters being targeted by crazed serial killer Mick Taylor in the Australian outback.

Duration:45 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Wolf Creek
"An American family decide to take a trip to the Australian outback to try and rehabilitate their teenage daughter. After they have stopped to set up camp for the night, they run into a local who happens to save their sons life. After a nice meal by the fire they soon discover the local isn't all he seems. After savagely slaughtering all but the daughter, he chases her and eventually shoots her dead. - or so he thinks."
"In Kutyukutyu; Eve runs afoul of the local police; Hill arrives in town looking for Eve; Taylor hears that an American girl has been looking for him."
"At Salt Lake, Eve is attacked by Kevin; Hill, Taylor and the bikies search for Eve at the Face of the Madonna Roadhouse."
"Eve arrives in Opalville, following up on the case of the missing girl; Hill tracks Eve."
"Eve takes a job as a waitress in the town of Rome, and waits for Taylor to arrive; Taylor abducts Hill."
"Eve finds the location of Taylor and tries to rescue Hill."
Season 2 - Wolf Creek
"Mick Taylor sees a lifetime opportunity after a chance encounter with a coach full of international tourists."
"Waking up in the middle of nowhere, the group begin to realize their holiday has become a desperate bid for survival."
"Dealing with a traumatic turn of events and realizing they're being targeted by Mick, the group makes it way towards a ridge in search of water and civilization."
"Still reeling after a tragic death, the group's desperation reaches new heights when Nina is bitten by a snake. Meanwhile, while she searches for Steve, Kelly is finally able to confront Mick."
"The survivors find a mothballed mine occupied by an eccentric caretaker and his family. Elsewhere, Mick violently presses one of the lost tourists for the group's location."
"The survivors stumble on the location of Mick's deepest, most awful secrets. But Mick is hot on their heels, and he's mad as hell."
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