Two Guys and a Girl

The "two guys" are Berg and Pete who share an apartment and support themselves by delivering pizza from Beacon Street Pizza run by Bill. In the first years of medical school, Berg had a cavalier approach to life and women but now finds himself...

Duration:30 mins

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Season 1 - Two Guys and a Girl
"Pete wants to break up with Melissa but has a lot of trouble doing it. So, she dumps him. Berg tries to reconcile them but just makes matters worse. Eventually, Pete and Melissa decide to work things out."
"Sharon faces an ethical dilemma with her company's latest insecticide. Berg is continuing to participate in drug trials. Pete makes a presentation of his architectural project but Berg thinks he has drunk the latest drug being trialled."
"Berg tries to earn money by product testing some talking sneakers. Sharon gets a new boyfriend, Ted who is a lawyer. Naturally, Berg and Pete have to check him out, and they don't approve because he seems too perfect."
"Pete is very eager to go to a Celtics game with Sharon and Melissa. Berg is not so keen to go. Despite this, Berg is in the lucky seat that gets him a seat on the bench, which upsets Pete. What can Berg do to make him happy again?"
"Mrs. Wexler moves out of the apartment block so Sharon and the boys work out a way to vet the new occupant. However, they have very different ideas of who it should be. Melissa moves in to Pete's displeasure, which forces them to break up."
"Sharon is dropped from her softball team. This inspires Berg to come up with the idea of starting their own women's team, sponsored by Beacon Street Pizza. Things do not go well when Pete's current infatuation, April, is a disaster."
"Pete and Berg pick up two women but Pete is only interested in a long-term relationship after breaking up with Melissa. Berg helps by fixing him up with a patient. But Berg hasn't yet learnt how to read hospital charts properly."
"Berg organizes a birthday party for Pete 7 months early so he can impress Bethany. He also tries to act cool but it doesn't work as he finds it difficult to express his true feelings towards her."
"Molly puts a personal ad in the paper wanting to meet Pete. He doesn't want to reply so Berg replies on his behalf. The meeting with Molly goes very well so Sharon decides to do the same thing. Molly turns out to be the very jealous type."
"Berg delivers a pizza to Isabella, a delivery normally made by Pete. He finds out that she uses her naked body to paint and so wants to date her, in competition with Pete. Sharon tries to attract a jogger that runs past the apartments."
"Pete and Berg reminisce with Bill and Mr Bauer about how they first met Sharon. She was collecting signatures for a Greenpeace petition in a bar."
"Berg's father, who is a lawyer, comes to town but Berg hasn't told him that he has dropped out of law school. His father also has a secret. Sharon has an unfortunate job at a fair advertising her chemical company, complete with protesters."
"Pete installs a satellite dish on the building and his landlord removes it. Pete fights back but all he succeeds in doing is getting the heating in the building turned off, which kills Berg's pet fish. The battle is on and it escalates!"
Season 2 - Two Guys and a Girl
"Berg is coming second in his medical studies and goes all out to disrupt the top student, who turns out to be Ashley. Pete is second in his architectural studies and is happy. Sharon tries to pick up a barman at the local bar."
"Sharon finally tries to quit her job but her boss offers her the use of the company facilities at Aruba over the weekend to reconsider her position. She doesn't want to go but Berg, in particular, wants to go and convinces them all to go. They are just about to leave when Pete gets a phone call about an immediate job interview with Farber that throws the plans into disarray. Farber just keeps the job interview going on for a long time. Berg interferes in order to terminate the interview. Then, Sharon has an urgent work commitment, which Berg and Pete ensure finishes ..."
"Pete has a mysterious new girlfriend, Nicole, which turns out to have had a one night stand with Berg three years ago and has his name tattooed on her. She doesn't want to remove it but eventually Pete turns out to be happy with it."
"Sharon spends the time trying to be one up over her friends with her new boyfriend, Johnny. Pete and Berg also try a bit of oneupmanship over their friends but end up being arrested."
"Pete takes up sports broadcasting as an elective and decides that he no longer wants to be an architect. However, a sexist comment in a women's basketball match finishes his new career. Sharon unsuccessfully tries to change Johnny."
"This episode has Berg and Pete throwing a Halloween party. Berg has been kidnapped by a psycho Berg, who is killing everybody. What can Sharon, Pete and the real Berg do before everybody is killed?"
"Pete is having trouble getting an job as he keeps mucking up the interviews. Berg asks Ashley to ask her father to give Pete a job. On the first day, he has sex with Britney, who turns out to be Ashley's sister and the boss's daughter."
"A friend of Pete, Berg and Sharon is getting married and they are all invited. The bride-to-be is a former girlfriend of Pete. Sharon is to be a bridesmaid and takes Johnny, and Ashley goes with Berg."
"Pete get a job driving limos and he uses his charm on the rich, lonely women for extra tips. Ashley has been avoiding Berg but when they meet they have a passionate kiss. Berg follows her to Oxford but goes to the wrong one."
"Sharon and Johnny decide to start a new thanksgiving tradition where they are alone. The dinner gets bigger when Berg invites Ashley and her boyfriend, and Pete and his grandfather invite themselves. The scene is set for some fireworks."
"Johnny has a friend called Shawn, whom Sharon hasn't met. Sharon is in for a surprise when she finds out that Shawn is a woman. Berg and Ashley have troubles together. They all end up in a limo and receive some advice from a TV host."
"It's getting close to Christmas and Berg has to work at the hospital, which he is not happy about. Sharon is put in charge of organising the company Christmas party but things are not going well. She is concerned that her Christmas bonus is disappearing fast. A busy radio traffic reporter comes into the pizza place and Pete is seriously interested in her. He is offered the job of being her personal shopper. She is a few years older than him and it comes as a shock to him when he finds out she has a 10 year-old son. During the first time he supervises him, her son is ..."
"Sharon finally asks Johnny to move in with her but there are pressures as they get to know each other. Pete looks after a friend's son and coaches him with his maths. Berg gets his chance to teach him a better way."
"Pete starts to get very serious with Kaitlin, which doesn't end well when he proposes to her. An old embarrassing photo of Berg obtained by Sharon sends him on a quest to find a similar one of Sharon."
"Sharon went for a new job only to find out she didn't graduate because she hadn't paid her college parking tickets. She had given the money to Pete and Berg to the pay the fines but they spent the money on something else. But what?"
"Irene is in love with Pete but it is mostly one way. Shawn is in love with Johnny but he doesn't realise it, and he doesn't know what to do when Shawn publicly states her love for him. This is not helped by Sharon's ultimatum."
"During a big storm, Berg becomes interested in a weather girl on a Spanish TV station. He goes to the pier to meet her where they hit it off despite the conditions. Things are going well when Ashley turns up wanting to reunite with him."
"Ashley wants to reunite with Berg but he wants to continue with Venita. Venita makes the final decision by dropping Berg. Johnny is having a hard time convincing Sharon to get back together until Peter intervenes, painfully."
"Ashley, Sharon and Pete are all upset with each other and Johnny tries to sort it out, unsuccessfully. Berg is also helping a fighter who has a big fight coming up. Unfortunately, the fighter is showing signs of brain damage."
"Sharon helps look after Johnny's nephews, which puts her off having her own children. Ashley is given an intern job but Berg's jealousy gets her sacked. Berg is calm in a crisis and delivers Johnny's niece."
"Barenaked Ladies narrate throughout this episode in song. Ashley and Sharon have a get together and Sharon reveals some of Berg's secrets. Pete successfully goes job hunting, which means that he quits the pizza place."
"Sharon thinks that Johnny is cheating on her but it is just because he is preparing to propose to her. Pete is also in love with Sharon but hasn't told her. Ashley stuns Berg by revealing she has already been married."
Season 3 - Two Guys and a Girl
"Sharon acts as though nothing has happened, despite Johnny's proposal, because she is afraid of marriage. However, she eventually commits. Pete leaves for Paris because of his feelings towards Sharon and is robbed of his money."
"Peter returns from Paris with Colette, who doesn't speak English. He finds out she is a racist. Berg employs a younger boy in the pizza place and has troubles with the generation gap. Johnny and Sharon finally agree to marry."
"Berg starts his internship but his commitment is questioned by the resident doctor. Pete is concerned Johnny is trying to hurt him because he had feelings for Sharon."
"Pete gets Sharon to go for a new job in order to save his job at the employment agency. She quits her current job but doesn't succeed in getting a new one. Berg is very interested when Ashley's ex husband turns up at the hospital."
"Pete tries to do something nice for the group by taking them to the football, the movies and then a meal in a restaurant. Something goes wrong each time and they end up eating take away."
"At Halloween, Johnny finds a creepy room in the basement that is inhabited by a mad scientist. The scientist swaps Pete and Ashley's brains, and then Berg and Sharon's. It is up to Johnny to save the day."
"Sharon and Johnny have some marriage counselling that results in some doubts about whether the wedding should go on. Berg finally realises that he and Ashley are living together, and he is not happy."
"Berg and Ashley visit his parents but Berg's mother and Ashley do not get on with each other. Sharon and Johnny are both unhappy with the intimate side of their relationship but are unwilling to talk to each other about the problem."
"It's Thanksgiving and they have a big dinner. Pete invites Irene and Ashley invites a bum, who gives advice based on the rubbish they've disposed of. However, he has an ulterior motive. Johnny is worried that Sharon is spending too much."
"As Ashley moves out of the boys apartment and into Johnny and Sharon's apartment, Pete's grandfather moves in. He has a serious liver problem but hasn't told Pete. Johnny has a lot of trouble coping with two women in the apartment."
"Sharon and Johnny have to move to the basement and he is now the building superintendent. Ashley now rents their old unit and moves in her furniture. Pete is having trouble with Irene and her cats."
"Ashley plans a new year's eve karaoke party. Pete invites Irene and she looks stunning and acts normal. Berg treats Robert Goulet for an earache and invites him to the party. Sharon organises her own romantic evening with Johnny."
"The Dan Band sing as they act as the consciences of Ashley and Sharon as they get a little closer after a night of drinking and Trivial Pursuit. The boys start hanging out at the laundromat, which now has a bar attached."
"Pete and Ashley go on dates to make each other jealous. Sharon and Johnny find monitors connected to cameras, which are in each of the apartments. They quickly become full-time voyeurs and interfere in the lives of everybody."
"Ashley insults Johnny when he is repairing her plumbing and he leaves her to fix it to herself. Sharon goes shopping for a wedding dress only to find another women has already got it. Using deceit, Sharon manages to get the dress."
"Sharon and Johnny have a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items. Sharon organises a charity auction and gets both Pete and Berg to participate. Irene wins Pete and Berg disgraces himself."
"Pete volunteers at the local fire station but is disappointed that he isn't fighting fires straight away. Sharon volunteers at the hospital reading to the children and Berg gets into trouble when to tries to do too much."
"Pete and Ashley are mugged in a railway station on the way to a golf tournament. Berg has lost confidence in his ability. Sharon and Johnny have trouble writing their wedding vows."
"Berg is still on probation and is moved to the morgue. Johnny ruins a wall in Irene's place and she is forced to spend the night with Johnny and Sharon. There is a new trainee fireman determined to outdo Pete."
"As Sharon is organising her wedding, Berg is trying to resurrect the past. Pete gets the idea that Marti is interested to him and he subtly goes after her."
"Johnny does some renovations and knocks out the power. Berg lets the apartment to a doctor who uses it for a quickie and it gets a reputation as a party place. Pete leaves his make-up samples at the station and ends up a make-up artist."
"Johnny helps Shawn when she goes to a Lamaze class and Sharon is not happy with it. Marti injures herself and goes to the hospital. She meets Berg and they start dating. This time it is Pete who is not happy."
"Berg remains on probation and finds out his mother and father have split. Ashley does some work to help him. Pete and Marti finally express their feelings for each other. Sharon and Johnny are having second thoughts about the wedding."
"Pete are Marti start dating. Sharon and Johnny had another fight and the bookings were cancelled. Irene promises to organise the wedding for the next day and, despite some last minute doubts, Sharon and Johnny are finally married."
Season 4 - Two Guys and a Girl
"Berg and Irene end up together but don't want anybody to know. Pete and Marti make a date, although it doesn't go well. Sharon and Johnny's honeymoon is curtailed due to differences in the value of money."
"Sharon and Johnny are starting to decorate their home but its 'christening' is taking a while. Ashley is starting to really miss Nomar. Irene reveals that she has no feelings towards Berg, which upsets him."
"Berg and Irene's secret liaison is gradually becoming known by all. Nomar is heartbroken over Ashley and threatens to leave Boston. This causes Ashley to become hated by the public."
"It's Halloween and Irene is getting into the spirit of the occasion. She manages to turn into Satan and curse each of the gang. The curses are a reflection of what each of them would hate."
"Johnny is being very meticulous with their house's renovations and Sharon wants him to employ a carpenter to do the job. Pete wants Marti to show some signs of affection but she ends up wanting to break up with him."
"This episode is played out like a silent movie, complete with music, sound effects and title cards. Pete fantasies about a lady in red, Ashley has a lesson in manners, and Berg and Sharon suffer as Johnny tries to fix the plumbing, again."
"Irene plots to get Pete back when she hears that he and Marti have split. The boys decide to go clubbing but it doesn't go well. Sharon, chasing Johnny, goes with Ashley to the night club and they become a hit with their dancing."
"Sharon goes back to work, with Ashley's help. Irene invites Pete out for dinner, and Berg comes along as a third wheel. Sharon and Johnny go to the same restaurant with Ashley in tow. Pete upsets Irene and she finally gets over him."
"There are plenty of problems with the apartment block. Ashley's apartment toilet has sprung leaks, which are leaving the boys' bedrooms wet. This causes chaos as they look for some where to sleep."
"Ashley's attitude gets her arrested when she is pulled over by a police officer. Sharon saves a choking diner in a restaurant while Pete and Berg, who should have done it, are making jokes. This makes her a hero and them pariahs."
"Berg's recently divorced mother comes to stay and he is unable to cope with her carefree attitude. Johnny finally finishes a room of their house but a fire burns down all his work. Pete suspects that Johnny burnt it down for the money."
"Susan and Pete start feeling attracted to each other. Johnny invests the payout from the fire in the stock market following a tip from Ashley, without telling Sharon. Berg and Irene finally go public as a couple."
"Berg and Irene decide to tell Pete that they are an item. Pete and Susan are still together. Johnny buys an expensive thank-you present for Ashley but Sharon thinks it is for her. The gang have a party and all the secrets are revealed."
"After all the secrets came out we have what happens next. Pete wants to go be with Susan but decides Berg's friendship is more important. Sharon decides to go to law school but Johnny is not happy about spending all the money on it."
"Pete cuts off the tip of his finger slicing vegetables and Berg takes him to hospital. Sharon gets a job as an assistant with a small-time lawyer. Ashley uses Johnny as a subject for a psychology paper."
"For his birthday, Sharon buys Johnny a 'Fireman for a Day' voucher and he decides to become a fireman for real. Sharon is not happy and is worried about his safety. Berg is upset when a nurse say he is not chivalrous."
"Berg tells Irene that he loves her but doesn't get any reaction. Berg then meets a girl from his old high school. Sharon takes Johnny to a business dinner for a spot of schmoozing. Pete and Ashley end up at watching a movie together."
"Katie invites Berg to the launch of a new comic book. He goes and kisses her but it turns out that Berg really does love Irene. Sharon thinks Johnny is being unfaithful but he has a different reason for his odd behaviour."
"Ashley and Berg compete for a residency appointment and they take Pete and Irene to the dinner where the decision will be made. It's Sharon and Johnny's anniversary but he has to stay at the fire station that night so she sneaks in."
"Pete is drilling the trainees when he is saved by Johnny from being killed. He is grateful and shouts Sharon and Johnny a luxury night in a hotel. The last person he saw was Ashley and he takes that as a sign. Then Ashley dreams of Pete."
"Pete and Ashley are finally together and they go out on a date together. Berg is still after Irene but Roger is in opposition. Sharon is worried that she and Johnny are no longer doing things together."
"Under different circumstances, Sharon, Ashley and Irene may all be pregnant, although only Sharon knows it. Ashley is in denial about it and Irene's may have been as the result of a faulty condom. Who, if anybody, is actually pregnant."
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