Southern Justice

Southern Justice explores the work of law enforcement agencies in Sullivan County, TN and Ashe County, NC, headed up by Sheriff Wayne Anderson and Sheriff James Williams, respectively. These sheriffs share a philosophy best described as “Andy...

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Season 2 - Southern Justice
"Ashe County Deputy Jeremy Munday leads a team to track down a man wanted for meth manufacturing and distribution. Ashe Deputy Josh \"Hoppy\" Hopkins goes after the son of a man who's been arrested in the county more than 20 times. And Sullivan County Deputies Jackson and Poff literally go creek-diving to capture a man resisting arrest after a chase."
"Sullivan County, Tennessee deputies conduct a manhunt for one of their most wanted fugitives, a man called \"Berto.\" Ashe County, NC deputies try to stop a man from taking his own life and another from assaulting his neighbor."
"Repeat offenders take the stage with multiple DUIs, assaults and a shooting. In Ashe and Sullivan Counties, North Carolina -- where everyone knows everyone -- Deputies Vogler and Hopkins, alongside Sheriff Williams and Sgt. Reed, track down familiar faces and even relatives. Multiple assault and DUI offender Clinton Goodman is arrested for assault, violating restraining orders and DUIs."
"In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Ashe County, North Carolina, the search for a suspected drug offender takes deputies into the densely forested area of Brown Hollow, where a manhunt is literally like looking for a needle in a haystack. When deputies lose radio communication with backup officers, they are left alone as potential targets for an armed criminal on the run."
"Sullivan County, TN, Officers Travis Jackson and Jason Hite lead a team on a countywide hunt for a convicted felon. Deputy Josh \"Hoppy\" Hopkins discovers there's a reason why a man is bleeding heavily - and he doesn't believe it is, as described, an \"accident.\""
"Just when the deputies of Sullivan County, Tennessee, and Ashe County, North Carolina, are thinking they've seen it all, a dispatch call comes in to corral a donkey on the loose in the streets. It's one of the rare types of incidents not covered in patrol training."
"Summer is approaching, which brings more trouble to Ashe County, North Carolina. Along the Appalachians, deputies deal with multiple domestic violence calls day-in and day-out, and even stumble upon a wanted drug dealer in the process. Deputy Hopkins faces uncooperative criminals, while Deputy Jackson must make a tough decision about a mentally unstable man."
"The search is on in Sullivan County, Tennessee, for a \"Blue Ridge bandit,\" a woman with a rap sheet who is now wanted for a string of household burglaries. In Ashe County, North Carolina, Deputy Josh \"Hoppy\" Hopkins tries to track down a suspected meth dealer and finds he may collect not only drugs, but guns."
Season 3 - Southern Justice
"Sullivan County Deputy Burk Murray is on a mission to track down and arrest one of the area\ufffd\u06eas most notorious drug dealers. Deputy James McNeil finds himself in the middle of a domestic situation where a knife-slashing has occurred. Sgt. Aaron Reed is called to investigate another creator of mountain mayhem. A frightened resident reports a mysterious intruder reportedly dressed as Bigfoot."
"In Ashe County, deputies go on a rugged mountain manhunt in search of a fugitive wanted for assault and resisting arrest. After harming his girlfriend, he needs to be caught before he hurts someone else ... or himself. In Sullivan County, it's \"one of those weeks\". Deputy Gilliam responds to an accident scene after a driver crashes her car through the front window of a chiropractor's office."
"In Sullivan County, Tennessee, they don't call Deputy Travis Jackson \"Action Jackson\" for no reason. When he is assigned to serve a warrant on a hard-to-find fugitive, he gets creative. So when Brandon Lane, wanted for assault, gets on Jackson's \"hit list,\" he has no idea what's coming. Jackson takes advantage of Lane's girlfriend having a lost dog to find himself a lost fugitive."
"Deputies in Sullivan County, Tennessee, and Ashe County, North Carolina, know their populations increase during the fall because it's deer-hunting season. With more people come more guns and complex issues involving the legal use of firearms. In addition to hunting down drug dealers, DUI offenders and wanted criminals, officers need to hunt down hunters who may not be following the law."
"A knife fight breaks out between two migrant workers harvesting Christmas trees in Ashe County. Deputies also receive a 911 call from an elderly woman who claims her troublesome nephew is harassing her. Sullivan County deputies conduct a manhunt for one of the county's most-wanted fugitives while also trying to solve the mystery of a torched stolen car."
"Deputies track a couple on Sullivan County, Tennessee\ufffd\u06eas most wanted list. They\ufffd\u06eave been on the lam for a year for an alleged string of burglaries, and there are plenty of places for them to hide. In Ashe County, North Carolina, a man with dementia is caught in the middle of a domestic battle and a deputy needs to be both officer and psychologist to resolve the chaotic situation."
"Deputies in Sullivan County apprehend drug dealers they've been tracking for months. Ashe County deputies bust the ringleaders of a major meth lab."
"Nearly 80 percent of the inmates in Sullivan and Ashe County jails are incarcerated for some offense related to drugs and alcohol. People having sex in a driveway, an intoxicated man screaming on the floor of a jail cell and an addicted couple on the run illustrate the challenges deputies in these counties face every day trying to keep the area's addiction issues under control."
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