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Sleepy Hollow - Season 4 Episode 4

A monster fashioned to make its victims live out their most haunting memories strikes D.C.

Episode: 4/13 eps

Duration: 45 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 7.4

Season 4 - Sleepy Hollow
"Following the death of Abbie Mills, Ichabod and Jenny begin searching for the next Witness."
"While trying to break bad news to Diana, Ichabod and Jenny learn there may be witchcraft involved in their latest case."
"One of Ichabod's greatest foes arrives in Washington to threaten the safety of the highest officials."
"A monster fashioned to make its victims live out their most haunting memories strikes D.C."
"As Dreyfuss gets closer to making progress on his mission, important parts of his past come to light. His former partner returns to settle the score from years before and it becomes evident that Dreyfuss' involvement in the supernatural is not something new. Don't miss learning how Malcolm Dreyfuss came to be."
"Ichabod and Jenny return to Sleepy Hollow to find the talisman before Dreyfuss does."
"As Molly's father returns home, Diana begins to wonder if her ex might be ready to be a part of his daughter's life full-time."
"When internet sensation Logan Macdonald comes to town, a supernatural infection hits, via a viral video. Meanwhile, Molly has a frightening vision that could predict a bleak future. Can the team cure the curse before it takes over town?"
"Molly's childhood imaginary friend reappears as a monster. Molly visits The Vault for the first time."
"A hunger demon is set loose as part of Dreyfus' plan."
"After a mysterious woman finds her way into the vault, the team tries to find out who she is and with whom her allegiances lie; Alex must come to terms with her feelings when she finds herself in a tight spot."
"With a glimpse into the dystopian world that could be if Dreyfuss comes to power, the team learns more about Lara (guest star Seychelle Gabriel). Knowing what is at stake, can Team Witness put a stop to the billionaire mad man before it's too late."
"Dreyfuss finally garners enough power to infiltrate the White House, and his group of minions grow strong enough to take action. Can Team Witness stop Dreyfuss in time."
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