Santa Clarita Diet

Married couple Sheila and Joel are real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. The couple's lives take a dark turn after Sheila goes through a dramatic change.

Duration:30 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Santa Clarita Diet
"Joel and Sheila's marriage gets a jumpstart when Sheila debuts a truly killer new personality and an anything goes menu. And they used to be so normal."
"The Hammonds try to live their new truth, Abby comes to a hard realization while browsing comics, and Joel treats Sheila to a very expensive meal."
"Joel and Sheila try to solve their dilemma by finding her \"meals\" among low-lives and criminals who won't be missed. But despite Joel's commitment to support Sheila, he finds that actually killing someone is easier said than done."
"Sheila inspires her friends and insults the principal, Joel bonds with Abby, and Dan makes a damning discovery while spraying for ants."
"Abby discovers that parents can't be trusted (especially hers). Joel learns there might be a cure for Sheila, and Dan puts his cards on the table."
"Joel and Sheila try dividing up tasks, Eric and Abby stumble onto something big, and Dan learns that a realtor can only be pushed so far."
"With the cops looking for Dan, Sheila dines on the evidence. But that's a lot of evidence. Meanwhile, Joel stops to smell the coffee."
"A new-look Loki takes Joel and Sheila by surprise while Abby and Eric learn the fine art of leaving well enough alone."
"Joel and Eric seek out the mysterious Anton at a paranormal convention while Sheila and Abby bond over their shared love of bad behaviour."
"Dr. Wolf is ready to get down to work, but Sheila growing more aggressive by the minute, Joel worries it may be too late."
Season 2 - Santa Clarita Diet
"The second season starts with Joel still in the asylum trying to make his way back home. Sheila is still locked in the basement. Abby and Eric continue the search for Serbian bile to finish the serum."
"Joe and Sheila brainstorm how to eliminate rival realtors from the competition without resorting to murder. Abby and Eric attempt to cover their tracks."
"After encountering an undead Gary, Sheila and Joel attempt to fulfill his final equest. Eric makes a shocking discovery after a date with Ramona."
"Joel decides how to handle his role in Sheila's new lifestyle. Eric has trouble with a girl. Abby deals with her rage. And everyone must try to be \"normal.\""
"Abby has a date, which is hard for Eric to deal with. Sheila is having trouble getting along with her boss. Joel does some research and pays colonel Ted a visit to find out if he is also undead."
"Joel goes looking for the third undead with hope it will prove it was the clams. Sheila struggles with her career. The new cop on the block wants to tango."
"Joel and Sheila panic, having to deal with Anne's paintings, a deadline to stop the dangerous clams from spreading, and on top of it all standing in the way of a rocket launcher."
"Kaboom! Things go south at Lisa's baptism. Joel and Sheila devise plans of their demise. Anne finally catches up with them."
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