Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is an energetic piggy who lives with Mummy, Daddy, and little brother George. She loves to jump in mud puddles and make loud snorting noises.

Duration:9 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Peppa Pig
"It's raining and Peppa is sad because she can't go outside. When the rain stops, Peppa and George get to play one of their favorite games - jumping in muddy puddles. Things get very muddy indeed when Mummy and Daddy Pig join in."
"Mr. Dinosaur is George's favorite toy. When Mr Dinosaur goes missing, George is upset. Daddy Pig helps Peppa to become a detective and together they track down Mr. Dinosaur, making George a very happy little piggy again."
"Peppa's best friend, Suzy Sheep, comes to play at Peppa's house for the afternoon."
"Peppa and George play with the new mascot of Granny and Grandpa Pig: a daring parrot named Polly."
"Peppa and George are playing hide and seek."
"Peppa and George are going to playgroup. It's George's first day there, and he shows the class his interest in dinosaurs."
"Mummy Pig is very busy working on her computer. Peppa and George accidentally break Mummy Pig's computer, so Daddy Pig tries to fix it."
"Peppa teases George because he can't catch a ball properly. Mummy Pig suggests they play a game that will help George learn how to catch, called 'Piggy in the Middle'. When Daddy Pig lifts George up to catch the ball, Peppa knows how it feels to be the littlest piggy, but Mummy Pig soon gives Peppa a helping hand."
"Daddy loses his glasses and is completely helpless without them."
"Peppa and George go to Granny and Grandpa Pig's house and look at their garden."
"George eats his breakfast too quickly and gets hiccups, so Peppa tries to cure him."
"Peppa's friends are all riding their bicycles. When Peppa teases George about having a baby's tricycle, the other children point out that Peppa isn't such a big girl herself - she still needs stabilisers to help her to ride her bike. Peppa is determined to learn to cycle without them and with Daddy Pig's help she does - but not without a bit of a bump."
"Mummy Pig makes Peppa a special box to put secret things in. Peppa loves secrets. George is sad because Peppa won't tell him what's in the box. When George gets his own secret box, and Peppa can't guess what's inside, she decides she doesn't like secrets as much as she used to."
"Peppa and George go outside to fly their kite, but the kite gets stuck in a tree."
"The Family go on a picnic. Peppa and George find a little pond and feed bread to the ducks. Mummy Pig's delicious strawberry cake attracts a wasp that chases Daddy Pig all around the picnic site."
"Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig find a box of instruments in the attic, and Peppa and George try them out."
"Peppa and George discover frogs, worms and butterflies in Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig's garden, and they play with them."
"Peppa and George make everyone laugh when they dress up as Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig."
"Mummy Pig buys Peppa a pair of shiny, red shoes. Peppa loves her new shoes so much she never wants to take them off - even for her bath! After a night of rain, the garden is very wet. Mummy, Daddy and George put on their rubber boots and go in search of puddles to jump in. Peppa would love to join them, but she is still wearing her new, shiny shoes."
"Peppa and her family go to the school fete."
"It is Mummy Pig's birthday. Peppa, George and Daddy Pig are just as excited as Mummy. They have lots of fun preparing secret, birthday surprises for her. When Mummy Pig sees her beautiful cake and opens her present she is absolutely delighted."
"Peppa loses her tooth, so she puts the tooth under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy."
"The family car breaks down, so Peppa and her family borrow a new one for the day. The new car confuses Daddy Pig with all its different buttons and the whole family are glad to get their old car back again at the end of the day."
"Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig organise a treasure hunt for Peppa and George. Grandpa buries the treasure in a secret place in the garden and Peppa and George have to find it, using a map and following the clues. They have lots of fun looking for the treasure and when they find it, there is a chocolate coin for everyone!"
"Peppa is ill and has red spots all over her face. Dr. Brown Bear tells her she will be fine but she must stay in bed."
"It is snowing today. Peppa and George must wear their hats and scarves and gloves. They have lots of fun playing in the snow, making footprints and throwing snowballs. Then they build a snowman, complete with his own hat and scarf and gloves."
"Peppa and her family go to Windy Castle, and when they get there, they see Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig's house."
"Peppa and George's cousin Chlo\u00c3\u00a9 comes to their house. Peppa tries to show Chlo\u00c3\u00a9 that she is a big girl, but it is very hard."
"Mummy Pig makes pancakes, and Peppa and George help, but Daddy Pig flips his pancake so high it sticks to the ceiling."
"Mummy and Daddy Pig go out for the evening, leaving Granny and Grandpa Pig to babysit an excitable Peppa and George."
"Peppa goes to her first ballet lesson, and meets her friends there. She decides to teach Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig to dance but finds out they have some moves of their own."
"Peppa and George are playing in the garden when they hear a strange noise. It's thunder! Peppa and George are a little bit frightened at first but Peppa soon decides that she loves thunderstorms. They make big, muddy puddles in the garden!"
"The car has gotten so dirty, so Peppa and her family clean it."
"Peppa Pig and her family go to Granny and Grandpa Pig's house for lunch. Grandpa Pig picks some vegetables from the garden and Granny Pig makes them into a delicious salad. George doesn't want to eat the salad: he does not like tomatoes or lettuce or cucumber. But when clever Grandpa Pig makes them into a dinosaur shape George eats up everything on his plate."
"Peppa and her family go camping in the countryside. Daddy Pig is very excited: he loves the great outdoors. They put up the tent, make a campfire and watch an owl. When it's time for bed they realise that the tent is too small for the whole family, but it's not a problem, Daddy Pig likes sleeping under the stars - until it starts to rain."
"It is bedtime but Peppa isn't at all sleepy so Daddy Pig tells Peppa and George a story about a pretty princess who lives with King Daddy, Queen Mummy and the Small Prince in a big castle."
"Grandpa Pig has a big surprise for Peppa and George. He has built them a beautiful tree house in his garden, with cute little curtains on the window. Peppa loves being in the tree house and invites everyone else to come inside. But before they enter they must take off their muddy boots and say the secret password, which is \"Daddy's Big Tummy\". Everyone thinks this is very funny, except Daddy Pig."
"Peppa and George are having a fancy dress party and all their friends are invited."
"Peppa and her family visit the museum. Peppa enjoys the Kings and Queens's room and imagines being a Queen. George's favourite room is the dinosaur room. George imagines being a big dinosaur and has fun chasing Peppa around. Daddy's favourite room is the one with the cakes - the museum caf\u00c3\u00a9!"
"Today is a very hot day. Peppa and George want to jump in muddy puddles but the puddles have all dried up."
"Peppa and George visit their cousin Chlo\u00c3\u00a9's house, where they put on a puppet show about a pig who snores a lot. Daddy Pig and Uncle Pig miss the show as they are too busy snoring."
"Peppa tells Daddy Pig that he needs to do some exercise and get fit rather than watch television, as he is a bit fat. Daddy Pig is horrified to learn that this means he'll have to exercise every day."
"Peppa and George's bedroom is a bit of a mess. With Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig's help they make a game of tidying their toys up."
"Peppa and George are at the playground with their friends. Peppa loves to play on the swings but George is a bit afraid of heights and doesn't like to be pushed too high. Peppa gets stuck in the tyre on the climbing frame and Daddy Pig gets stuck on the slide. Everyone laughs."
"Daddy Pig offers to put up a picture of Peppa and George on the wall while Mummy Pig is out. He accidentally cracks the wall while doing it, so Peppa and George help Daddy Pig fix the wall before Mummy Pig comes home."
"Peppa and George love going to the beach on sunny days. They bring their water wings, a beach ball and their buckets and spades. Peppa and George have fun burying Daddy Pig in the sand. When it's time to go home, they almost forget one important thing - Daddy Pig!"
"Peppa and George find a friendly little spider. Peppa announces that the spider should be called \"Mister Skinnylegs\"."
"Granny and Grandpa Pig have a beautiful little boat and, today, Peppa and George are spending the day on the river with them. Danny Dog is sailing on the river too, with Granddad Dog. Grandpa Pig and Granddad Dog are best friends. They have a race to see who has the fastest boat. Granny Pig thinks they are acting like little children."
"Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa and George go to the supermarket. George sits in the trolley while Peppa finds the things on Mummy's shopping list. Soon, they have everything they need, as well as something that wasn't on the list - a delicious chocolate cake. Now, how did that get there, Daddy Pig?"
"Today is Peppa Pig's birthday. All her friends are invited to her party and Daddy Pig is going to do a magic show..."
"Daddy Pig has a new movie camera. The family have fun making movies and watching them on their own television."
"Peppa's playgroup are putting on a play. Peppa's role is Little Red Riding Hood, Danny Dog is the Big Bad Wolf and Rebecca Rabbit plays the Grandma."
Season 2 - Peppa Pig
"Peppa and George are playing with bubbles. Daddy Pig shows them how to make really big bubbles with an old tennis racket."
"A new child visits the playgroup, and is a bit shy. Her name is Emily Elephant."
"Peppa and George look after Polly the Parrot while Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig go on holiday, but when they get ice cream, Polly flies away."
"Peppa and her family share a picnic with Mr Zebra the Postman and Zoe Zebra. But when it's time to go home, Peppa leaves her teddy behind."
"Inspired by their favourite television show, Inspector Potato, Peppa and George want to be famous detectives too. Daddy Pig gives them a mystery to solve."
"Rebecca Rabbit has a little brother named Richard who is the same age as George. At first, George and Richard do not get along with each other."
"Peppa and George visit Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig's house, and Grandpa Pig makes a scarecrow because the crows are eating his crops."
"On a windy autumn day, Peppa and her family go to the park to play football."
"Madame Gazelle shows Peppa and her school friends how to make a time capsule."
"Peppa and George go to the beach with Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig, and find rock pools. Peppa rescues a little fish and puts it back in the sea. Then she decides to make a rock pool of her own."
"Peppa and George help Mummy Pig tidy up the breakfast things."
"Mrs. Duck and her friend's relaxing little time in their pond is interrupted by Peppa, her family and friends arriving and playing at the pond with their toy boats. Everyone has a boat to play with except Rebecca Rabbit."
"Granny and Grandpa Pig have invited Peppa and her family to lunch. On the way, Peppa's family get caught in a very long traffic jam."
"It's nearly bedtime. Peppa and George play outside then they are called in for their bath. After that they brush their teeth and get into bed so Daddy Pig can read them a story. Soon they are fast asleep. Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig finally sit down to watch television, but it's been a long day and they are very sleepy too."
"It is Sports Day at Peppa's playgroup and lots of special events are due to take place. Daddy Pig tells Peppa that winning is not important - it is taking part that counts."
"Peppa's friend, Pedro Pony, wears glasses. Peppa thinks she might need glasses too, so Mummy Pig takes her to the Optician for an eye test."
"Peppa's car runs out of petrol but thankfully Granddad Dog's garage isn't far away."
"Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig are taking Peppa and George to play in the playground. On the way it gets a bit foggy, and soon it is so foggy they can't see anything. They decide to go home, but that in itself proves problematic."
"Peppa's playgroup is holding a jumble sale to raise money for a new roof and Madame Gazelle asks everyone to bring something to sell."
"Peppa and her family are at the swimming pool. George is a little worried at first but is soon splashing happily with his friend Richard Rabbit."
"Peppa and George are playing in Grandpa Pig's garden when all of Peppa's friends in their bicycles are here, Grandpa Pig presents some animals at Peppa and her friends."
"Peppa and George visit Daddy Pig's office and meet his colleagues. Mr. Rabbit works with numbers and Mrs. Cat draws shapes on a computer."
"When a fishing trip goes wrong, leaving Grandpa Pig and Grampy Rabbit stranded on a desert island, Captain Daddy Dog is the only one able to save them. He soon realises he misses the sea after all."
"Peppa and George love jumping in muddy puddles, even when it's raining but when George takes off his rain hat, he catches a cold."
"Peppa and her family are at the school fete. The top prize in the raffle is a trip in a Hot Air Balloon."
"Today is George's birthday and Mummy and Daddy Pig have a special day planned. George gets a new dinosaur toy and the family go to the museum to see lots of different dinosaurs, including a robot dinosaur that actually moves and roars. At first George is a bit scared, but soon likes it. The special day ends with a big cake and all of Peppa and George's friends having fun together."
"The lawn has grown so tall that Peppa and George's ball gets lost in it. Grandpa saves the day with Betsy, his motorized lawnmower."
"Mr. Zebra the Postman is delivering the post and today he has brought his daughter Zoe with him."
"Peppa, George and Daddy are in the garden painting a picture of a cherry tree when the ducks turn up and run through the paint - and all over their masterpiece."
"Daddy Pig winds up the old cuckoo clock in Peppa and George's bedroom. When the clock strikes the hour, a wooden bird pops out, flapping its wings and singing 'Cuckoo!'."
"Peppa and George are visiting their cousin Chloe and will get to meet Chloe's new baby brother, Alexander, for the first time."
"Grandpa Pig has built a terrific little train called Gertrude. When he takes Peppa and George for a ride on Gertrude, they meet their friends along the way."
"Peppa and her family go for a day's cycle ride. Peppa rides her little bicycle, while Mummy and Daddy Pig ride their tandem with George on the back. Peppa loves going downhill but she is not so keen on cycling uphill, so she insists they should have a downhill race."
"Peppa and George are going ice-skating today. They have never been ice skating before and Peppa keeps falling over. Daddy Pig tells her not to worry; everyone falls over when they skate for the first time. Mummy Pig teaches Peppa to skate and soon she is having lots of fun. Peppa begins to teach George how to skate but it turns out he is a natural born skater. Peppa and George love ice-skating. Everyone loves ice-skating."
"When Peppa and George go to the dentist for a check-up, Dr Elephant says their teeth are nice and white - but George's toy dinosaur is in need of a tooth-clean."
"Peppa decides that only girls can play in her tree house, so Grandpa Pig builds the boys their own den. But when it starts to rain, the boys and girls rush out to play together in the muddy puddles."
"Suzy Sheep has come to play with Peppa."
"Madame Gazelle takes Peppa and her school friends on a bus trip into the mountains and they all have fun hearing their voices echo and having a picnic."
"Peppa and George go to Rebecca Rabbit's house where, instead of stairs and corridors, there are tunnels. Then it's time for lunch. George learns that the Rabbits like to eat carrots. George does not like carrots, but he does like carrot cake, which is what they have for dessert."
"Today, Peppa and her family are driving out to the countryside to go walking on a nature trail."
"Peppa and her friends are at when Madame Gazelle asks them if they would like a pen pal."
"Peppa and George are helping Granny and Grandpa Pig tidy their attic, but they have trouble deciding what to throw out, because Granny and Grandpa want to keep everything. Amongst the clutter, Peppa finds an old record player and some funny old records. The record player still works and soon everyone is dancing."
"Peppa and Suzy Sheep are best friends. But one day they have a quarrel over a game of cards and decide they are not best friends anymore. As time goes by they really miss each other but still they refuse to make up. Will they ever say sorry?"
"Peppa and George have too many toys so Mummy Pig decides to buy them a new Toy Cupboard."
"Peppa and her friends go on a camping trip with their teacher, Madame Gazelle. After pitching their tents and collecting sticks, they all sing a song around the campfire."
"Peppa and her family borrow Grandpa Pig's boat for a day on the river. Daddy Pig is the captain, Peppa, George and Mummy Pig are the crew. All goes well until the boat gets stuck in some long reeds. Daddy Pig has to use all his strength to push the boat free. After a fun day's boating, the family set sail for home."
"Peppa and her family are at home when there is a powercut. Peppa makes a pretend television, and enjoys playing with it so much she carries on after the power is restored."
"Peppa and George are playing in the garden with their bouncy ball when Suzy Sheep turns up with two tennis rackets. She uses the bouncy ball to play a game of tennis with Peppa, making George feel left out. Will the job of ball boy cheer him up?"
"It is night time and the sky is fall of shining stars. Just this once, Mummy and Daddy Pig let Peppa put their coats on over their pyjamas and they go outside to look at the stars. Daddy Pig teaches Peppa and George how to find the North Star. The stars are very far away and look very tiny. But when Peppa and George look through a telescope the stars look much bigger and they can even see the planet Saturn."
"Today is Daddy Pig's birthday but Daddy Pig has to go to work. While he is away, Mummy Pig, Peppa and George prepare a special birthday surprise."
"Peppa goes for a sleepover at Zoe Zebra's house with Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit and Emily Elephant, and are later joined by Zoe's younger sisters, Zuzu and Zaza. The girls are too excited to go to sleep and Mummy Zebra is worried Daddy Zebra will wake up."
"It is a very cold winter day, and Peppa and George head to the park to play. All the puddles have frozen over, so the two must think of other ways to entertain themselves."
Season 3 - Peppa Pig
"When Peppa and Suzy learn that grown ups must work all day, they decide to play at working in a shop. But they quickly find it is very tiring."
"Peppa and her family spot a rainbow when they go for a drive and they try to find the treasure at the end of it."
"Pedro get a cough at playschool and the other children quickly catch it. Doctor Brownbear is called and gives them horrible medicine, but who will look after him when he is ill?"
"Peppa wants a new book for bedtime. Mummy Pig looks for a new book and finds Daddy Pig's overdue library book. They go to the library the next day and learn about borrowing books."
"Peppa and her family go on holiday in a special van, and Peppa is surprised to find that at a push of a button the van turns into a little House for them to sleep in."
"Peppa and her family are on holiday in their camper van."
"Peppa and George take a bin of vegetable peelings to Grandpa Pig's compost heap. Worms inside the bin turn the peelings into compost, which Granny and Grandpa use to help their plants grow."
"Richard Rabbit comes to play with George, while Suzy Sheep comes to play with Peppa. The little boys don't want to play the same games as Peppa and Suzy, so they all play jumping up and down in muddle puddles."
"Daddy Pig struggled to run a race to raise money to fix the school roof, but finds it far easier when a wasp is chasing him."
"Daddy Pig hangs his clean football shirt out to dry, but Peppa, George and Mummy splash it with mud. They put it in the wash, but Peppa puts her red dress in too - which turns Daddy's shirt pink."
"Peppa and George go on a boat trip with Grandpa Pig, but they must send Polly Parrot for help when their boat runs aground. Polly fetches Granny Pig and Grandad Dog, who rescues them in his boat."
"Peppa's French friend Delphine Donkey comes to stay. Peppa takes Delphine to playgroup for a visit, where they teach her the 'Bing Bong Song', the class' favourite song to sing."
"Peppa and George go with Mummy Pig to Miss Rabbit's Mummies Fire Engine Service."
"Granny and Grandpa Pig come for a dinner party with Mummy and Daddy Pig, but Peppa and George are too tired to go to bed, until they are told a story."
"Peppa brings home a Teddy from Playgroup to look after, but she is worried that he won't have a very exciting time."
"It's Danny Dog's birthday, and with the help of Grandad Dog and Grandpa Pig, the children take part in a pirate treasure hunt."
"The town is excited when Mr Potato from the television arrives to open a new sports centre."
"Madame Gazelle takes Peppa and her friends on a train ride, where they must tick off what they see on their activity sheets. Meanwhile Pedro keeps losing his ticket."
"Granny Pig shows Peppa and George her chickens, whilst something has been eating Grandpa Pig's lettuces."
"it is Talent Day at Peppa playgroup, and Madame Gazelle wants everyone to show the class their special talent."
"Peppa's family go to the museum's Moon Exhibition with George's friend Edmond Elephant."
"Grandpa Pig takes Peppa and George to the playground, but does not understand the children's rules."
"Goldie the Fish does not look happy and isn't eating her food, so Peppa, George and Mummy Pig take her on a bus trip to visit Dr Hamster the Vet."
"The family go to the funfair, but Mummy Pig is angry when people at the fair tell her that she will not be able to win prizes in the competitions."
"Peppa and her friends learn how to count through playing games at Madame Gazelle's playschool."
"Peppa and her family are trying to get to the playground, but Mr Bull and his team are digging up the road."
"Peppa and her friends are playing hide and seek, but it's Freddy Fox with his super smelling nose who is the best at playing that game."
"Peppa tries to learn how to whistle after she realises that seemingly everyone but her can do it."
"Doctor Hamster the vet comes to Peppa's playgroup to show the children her pets. Tiddles the tortoise 'runs' away but Ms. Rabbit rescues him."
"Peppa and her friends and family are looking forward to a trip to the seaside where they can make sandcastles, but when they arrive at the beach there is too much snow."
"Mummy Pig gives her old PC to Granny and Grandpa Pig. Will they be able to use it?"
"Peppa and her playgroup friends go with Madame Gazelle to visit Pedro Pony, who is in hospital with a broken leg."
"Grandpa Pig organises a chocolate egg hunt for Peppa and her friends. Will they track down the treats?"
"Miss Rabbit takes Peppa and her family for a ride in her rescue helicopter, except Daddy Pig who does not like heights."
"Baby Alexander is too young to talk, until Peppa teaches him his first word."
"Grandpa Pig takes Peppa, George and Danny Dog to visit Grampy Rabbit's lighthouse."
"Miss Rabbit has hurt her ankle, so her sister and her friends offer to fill in for her at the ice cream stand, the supermarket - and everywhere else she works."
"Peppa and Suzy start a secret club, but soon everyone wants to join in."
"Grandpa Pig needs help when his boat sinks, so Grandad Dog gives them all a lift to Grampy Rabbit's Boatyard so that the boat can be fixed."
"Madame Gazelle gives the class a music lesson. There's lots of crashing and banging at first, but it's not long before the grown-ups visit and lay down some notes of their own."
"Daddy Pig loses his title as Champion Puddle Jumper, until everyone helps him train to win it back."
"Peppa Pig talks far too much. Or at least so Suzy thinks. In response, Peppa decides that she is never going to talk, ever again. But this does not last for very long at all."
"When Daddy Pig needs a new watch, Mr. Fox finds three grandfather clocks in the back of his van. Three clocks are much better than one. Mr Fox has everything in his van - even a chicken!"
"Peppa and George go to play with Cousin Chloe and her friends, but the older children don't want to play any \"baby\" games."
"Madame Gazelle takes the children to Grampy Rabbit's gym class, where at first they think all the stuff to do is scary, but Grampy Rabbit tells the kids about how he explored a jungle, helping the children get over their fears."
"Peppa and her family collect apples and blackberries in Granny and Grandpa Pig's garden to make a pie."
"Mrs. Zebra teaches Peppa, George, Zoe, Zaza and Zuzu Zebra how to make a real tea set from clay."
"Some of Daddy Pig's important work papers have gone missing, because Mummy Pig, Peppa and George have accidentally made them into paper aeroplanes."
"It's Edmond Elephant's birthday party and Peppa, Suzy, Danny and Emily are helping out."
"Peppa and George wake up one morning to find that all the rain has made a flood, and their house is now on an island."
"Peppa and George and their friends go to see Father Christmas. Peppa asks for a very special doll as a present, but will Father Christmas be able to deliver it to her?"
"Peppa and George wake up very early on Christmas morning. Has Father Christmas delivered the presents they want?"
Season 4 - Peppa Pig
"Peppa and her family visit Potato City, a new theme park that has a vegetable theme."
"Peppa and George are taken to visit the home that Daddy Pig designed and Mr. Bull is building. They are excited to find out who their new neighbors are going to be."
"The children are taught how to play basketball by Daddy coach. They are soon good enough to take on a bigger team."
"There is much excitement when Mr. Zebra delivers a package from Aunt Dottie for Peppa and George."
"Dr. Hamster's pet tortoise Tiddles gets stuck up a tree again, but the rescue services all have trouble trying to get Tiddles down from the tree."
"Peppa and George visit Mr. Fox's Shop to buy Granny and Grandpa an anniversary present, but they have trouble choosing which one to get."
"It is a very cold winter day. Peppa and George are wearing their hats, scarves, mittens and coats. They want to jump in muddy puddles, but the problem is that the puddles are all frozen and slippery. Even the duck pond is frozen over, so the ducks cannot swim in it. It begins to snow and Peppa's friends turn up with their toboggans. Everyone has lots of fun playing in the snow and the day ends with an exciting toboggan race."
"Peppa and her friends at playgroup dress up in clothes from different countries all over the world, but they then have an argument."
"Daddy teaches Peppa and George a fun game to play while they wait inside for the rain to stop."
"Everyone is excited when Mummy Rabbit arrives with some big news - she has a big bump in her tummy! Will it be a boy or a girl?"
"The playgroup is going on a trip to the museum. Everyone, is on the bus ready to go. But where is Pedro Pony?"
"Grandpa Pig gives Peppa and George flower seeds."
"Peppa, George and Mummy Pig join Dr Hamster the Vet on some emergency calls."
"Peppa and George meet Kylie Kangaroo and her brother Joey. Peppa shows Kylie how to jump up and down in muddy puddles, but they soon get competitive over who can jump the higher."
"Mummy Dog and Danny are very excited! Captain Daddy Dog is home from the sea, and he's bearing gifts! What can they be?"
"To celebrate Freddy Fox's birthday the children go on a trip to a Dinosaur Park where they follow dinosaur footprints to find Freddy's birthday treat."
"Daddy Pig reads Peppa and George a bedtime story. George wakes up later, so Peppa has to make up another story."
"After a family trip to a mountain beauty spot, Daddy Pig loses the car keys down a very deep drain. Mr. Bull and his road crew dig up the entire beauty spot to retrieve them."
"When his favorite toy dinosaur loses its tail, George visits Mr. Fox's Shop to find a new one."
"Miss Rabbit's train has broken down, so Grandpa Pig lends her his miniature locomotive, Gertrude."
"Playgroup is having a pet competition and everyone has brought their pets. Dr. Hamster is the judge, but it is so hard to choose the best pet..."
"Mummy Pig finds a spider in the house and orders Daddy Pig to get rid of it. Mr Skinny-Legs is set free in the garden, where he can spin all the webs he likes, wherever he likes."
"Peppa's family are staying at Cousin Chloe's house. After a long day everyone is tired and wants to go to sleep. But baby Alexander's crying is keeping everyone awake."
"Granny Pig is really pleased with all the plastic gnomes and the wishing well she's got for the garden, but Grandpa Pig wishes they would all disappear."
"t's Christmas, and Peppa's playgroup is going to the theatre to see a special play about the holiday. Some people have never been to a theatre before."
"The children are sad because their favorite teacher, Madame Gazelle, is leaving Playgroup. They hold a leaving party for her, but find out that Madame Gazelle was only going on holiday."
"Miss Rabbit is to be given the Queen's Award for Industry, and Peppa and her friends are to accompany her to the palace to meet the Queen."
"When a fishing trip goes wrong, leaving Grandpa Pig, Granddad Dog, and Grampy Rabbit stranded on a desert island, Captain Daddy Dog is the only one able to save them."
"After smelling Granny Pig's perfume de lavender, Peppa experiments with the flowers in the garden to create her own special smell."
"The school roof is leaky again, so the children organize a fair to raise money for a new roof."
"Goldie the Goldfish is feeling a little lonely, so Peppa takes her to the aquarium."
"It's a beautiful day, but Peppa, George, Daddy Pig, and Grandpa Pig are sitting inside watching racing on television."
"Daddy Pig is left behind when everyone takes Grampy Rabbit's boat to the riverside picnic spot."
"Peppa and her friends are busy building a desert island in a sandpit. They are all very proud of it, with its forest, lake, houses, and shops."
"It's night time at Grandpa and Granny Pig's house, and Peppa and George have stayed up late to help hunt for slugs and snails."
"Peppa and her family go on holiday in an aeroplane."
"Peppa and her family arrive in Italy. Everyone is talking in a different language and Daddy Pig finds driving on the right a little difficult."
"On the first day in their holiday villa, Peppa and her family go exploring in the local village."
"Peppa has enjoyed her very first holiday abroad, but it is now time to go home. She can't wait to see Suzy and Goldie again."
"George enjoys seeing his reflection in the mirror so much that he and Peppa try to find other shiny things to see themselves in."
"The playgroup is going on a trip to the museum. Everyone is on the bus ready to go, except Pedro Pony, who is late for school."
"Peppa and Suzy have nothing to do, so Daddy Pig finds an old box of garden games. But not all the games are easy for George."
"When all the families have a boat race at the lake, Daddy Pig soon regrets picking a boat with pedals."
"While enjoying a tea break, Mr. Bull accidentally breaks his delicate teapot. He takes the pieces to Miss Rabbit in the hope that she can mend it."
"Miss Rabbit gives George a special 'dinosaur' fruit smoothie to make him healthy."
"George finds it difficult to keep hold of his big dinosaur balloon, and everyone is afraid that it will float away."
"When Grandpa Pig puts up a tent in his garden, Peppa and her friends put on a circus."
"Daddy Pig is looking forward to taking Peppa and George to visit a fish pond that he used to visit when he was a piglet. However, a few things have changed since then."
"Peppa and her friends are on Snowy Mountain learning how to ski. Their teacher, Madame Gazelle, is very good and was once a world champion. But in the end it is Mummy Pig who impresses everyone."
"Peppa's playgroup are really enjoying Grampy Rabbit's talk about space rockets, until he loses his voice. Doctor Brown Bear helps him get it back."
"Mummy Pig shows Peppa and her friend Suzy Sheep some old photographs from when they were babies. Peppa and Suzy don't remember being that young, but they are pleased to see that they have always been best friends."
"Peppa and her friends are playing pirates. But when they put together a treasure chest and bury it in a marked spot, Pedro soon realises that he needs to follow the trail, because he's lost his glasses."
Season 5 - Peppa Pig
"When Peppa's bike gets a flat tyre that needs mending, Peppa and her friends have fun riding their imaginary bikes and jumping in pretend muddy puddles."
"Mummy and Daddy Pig take Peppa and George to a castle to feast on medieval banquets, play King and Queen, and even meet a dragon. It's George's favorite day ever."
"Miss Rabbit takes Peppa and the family in her taxi to Granny and Grandpa Pig's house to drop off their shopping, but that's not the last trip of the day for her."
"Daddy Pig takes Peppa and George to school on their scooters."
"It's Halloween. Peppa has been helping Grandpa Pig carve his massive pumpkin. Now, with the help of Miss Rabbit, they have to work out how to get it to the pumpkin competition."
"A new student, Gerald giraffe, joins the playgroup. They try a challenge of hide and seek."
"It's school project time for Peppa and her friends which means they have to build castles and bring them into playgroup."
"Mummy Pig has finally finished writing her first book and decides to take it to playgroup to read to the children with unexpected results."
"Grandpa Pig and Granddad Dog are both showing Peppa and George their greenhouses full of lovely tomatoes and basil."
"It is Molly Mole's first day at school and she quickly makes best friends with Peppa and Rebecca Rabbit."
"Madame Gazelle is getting Peppa and her playgroup friends to dance to all different styles of music."
"Madame Gazelle takes the whole class to London for the day and gets a tour by The Queen herself."
"Police Officer Panda and Police Officer Squirrel have come to teach Peppa and her friends all about bicycle safety."
"Madame Gazelle takes the children on a trip to the Zoo where they get a tour from the zookeepers; Mr Lion, Mrs Crocodile and Mr Giraffe."
"Mummy Dog arranges a trip on a canal boat for Daddy Dog's birthday."
"Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig embark on their first ever Australian holiday."
"Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig embark on their first ever Australian holiday."
"Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig embark on their first ever Australian holiday."
"Peppa and George have a sleepover on Grandpa Pig's sailing boat."
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