Paranormal Witness

From Raw TV, the acclaimed creative team behind "Locked Up Abroad" and "Gold Rush Alaska", this tense, filmic and high-octane drama-documentary series brings to life the stories of people who have lived through paranormal experiences that defy...

Duration:60 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Paranormal Witness
"\"Emily the Imaginary Friend\" talks to the Poremski family who are tormented by a force that their daughter recognizes as her invisible friend. \"The Girl with No Face\" talks to a mother and daughter who saw a mysterious teenage girl with no face on the side of the road."
"\"Haunted Highway\" examines the disappearance of a Christine Skubish and her son on a California road and the bizarre activity that eventually lead police to discover them. \"Kentucky UFO Chase\" looks at a case where a police helicopter attempted to chase down a UFO."
"The episode starts with paranormal action-fest 'The Poltergeist'. When Susan and Matt move into a new home in Moreno Valley, California, with their respective daughters Jamie and Marie, life is fun-filled and happy until a vicious poltergeist turns their world upside down. The second offering is 'Watched in the Wilderness', the amazing true-life tale of a former deputy sheriff who is chased, herded and hunted by a mysterious beast high in the remote mountain wilderness of Oregon."
"When Amy Moore buys her dream home, a rundown Connecticut mansion, at a knock down price she cannot believe her luck. Amy wants to renovate the house and restore it to its former glory - 3 floors, 9 bedrooms, an attic and a dank basement (with a mysterious concrete sarcophagus at its center). But when she starts scraping away the mouldy wallpaper and knocking down walls, she disturbs the spirits that have lain hidden inside for decades."
"First, a board game unleashes an evil spirit who wreaks havoc on the lives of an innocent family. And then the skies of a small town play host to one of the most widely-witnessed UFO events ever."
"Young Don Decker is in trouble with the law, but he's been released from Stroudsberg Jail, Pennsylvania, on a weekend furlough to attend his grandfather's funeral. The Keefer family, who put him up for the night, has no idea what they're bringing into their home."
Season 2 - Paranormal Witness
"A young mother rents a California bungalow for her growing family. All's well, until she starts hearing strange noises coming from overhead. Soon, she's plagued by unseen hands moving objects, glowing lights, phantom blood and a recurring apparition of an old man. When the haunting gets to be too much for her to deal with, she calls in a paranormal team -- the actual archival footage the cameraman captures in the attic is shocking."
"A family moves into a dilapidated Brooklyn, NY townhouse that could be their dream home. A basement excavation reveals a strange door leading to a dirt-filled room. When the kids go inside to explore, they awaken half-century-old phenomena that leaves the family paralyzed in their beds. Night terrors, ghoulish whispers, physical attacks and a mysterious wedding dress are only the start of the family's haunting."
"A Salt Lake City police officer is thrilled to be posted to graveyard shift guard duty at the prestigious Capitol Theatre as his first assignment. But, night after night, the cop and his partners find themselves investigating slamming doors, burning smells and other strange happenings in the supposedly empty building."
"Portland, Oregon antique store owner Kevin Mannis buys an old wine box from the estate sale of a 103-year old Holocaust survivor in Portland, Oregon. The late woman's granddaughter tells him it is a ''Dybbuk Box\" - containing an evil spirit - and warns him not to open it. Kevin can't resist opening the box, though. Inside is a strange collection of antique keepsakes. In opening the box, Kevin unleashes a malevolent spirit that wreaks havoc on his life and leaves his mother paralyzed by a stroke. Kevin sells the box on eBay to Sam, a university student. Soon Sam and ..."
"A widower and his new wife move into his old house and begin an idyllic life as newlyweds. But then, frightening phenomena begins happening at home and at their store."
"When the paranormal activity in her new apartment ramps up, a single mom goes on a journey to discover the identity of the spirit who might be haunting her and stumbles upon a horrifying possibility."
"A family moves into a perfect colonial house in Connecticut, only to discover it was once a funeral parlor."
"A family buys a mansion on the outskirts of Indianapolis, undeterred by the fact that it was once the home of Indiana's notorious serial killer, Herb Baumeister."
"For the first time, all the key people involved in the most famous alien abduction case in history reveal what they saw and experienced during a special 90-minute episode of Paranormal Witness."
"A married couple and their daughter moves into a small ranch house in the outskirts of London, Ohio. Soon, the wife feels like she's being watched and is convinced that there's a \"Peeping Tom\" lurking around their house. When the husband goes to investigate, he discovers tracks of an animal with 14-inch long feet leading to a desolate cabin in the woods belonging to a mysterious \u00c3\u00a9migr\u00c3\u00a9 from Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, in North Carolina, a man builds a new house on the spot of his family's former plantation...and immediately starts seeing an apparition of a little ..."
"Four friends in Los Angeles hike up the Hollywood Hills, eager to touch the Hollywood sign. On their way back down, they encounter an unlikely hiker."
"Newlyweds become homeowners for the first time after buying a Chicago \"two-flat\" in 1970. After moving in, they discover that they are not alone in the house."
Season 3 - Paranormal Witness
"A fire-fighter's widow unwittingly buys the former home of devil-worshipers and does battle with a demon to save her daughters' lives."
"A childless couple is haunted by the child they never had."
"When three brothers are reunited on the family farm, they're haunted by an evil ghost, sparking disturbing memories from their childhood of the family boogeyman, \"Uncle Will.\""
"The owners of an El Paso, TX restaurant discover that they reopened a portal to the spirit world after renovating their restaurant."
"A devout Baptist family does battle with demonic forces in Indiana."
"The Angel of Death has been witnessed by countless medical professionals across America in different hospitals. They never speak openly of it...until now!"
"The ghosts of the victims of the Manson murders haunt a Hollywood PI who has built a house a stone's throw away from Sharon Tate's former home."
"Set in the Appalachian Hills, this story is like the real Freddy Kruger."
"A pack of five werewolves hold a family hostage for an entire night in their own home."
"The grisly face of Santa Muerte, the patron saint of the criminal underworld, haunts an innocent man."
"A mother and her daughters take on the evil ghostly mayor of a Wild West town."
"A property developer renovates an old lakeside mansion to turn it into apartments only to discover that it was once a Cure Cottage, a refuge where tuberculosis sufferers in the 1920s came to fight for their lives."
"With great pride and excitement, Professor Mark Spencer and his wife Rebecca have just purchased the historic Allen House in Arkansas. The house has a unique character, but they begin to experience unexplained events shortly after moving in. After exhaustive research, Mark learns that the house may be haunted by the spirit of a woman named LaDell, who mysteriously died in the master bedroom. But Mark and Rebecca do not believe in ghosts. They remain skeptical until Rebecca comes face to face with a faceless spirit. Determined to get answers, Mark calls investigators ..."
"A psychic detective helps track down a serial killer in New Jersey."
"A murderous foster father haunts a family while the sister of a murdered little boy must clear her name."
"A ramshackle Southern plantation house harbors a dark secret - spirits trapped inside by a witches' coven."
"Bill Vaile, a former NASA engineer and the most skeptical man you could meet, comes face to face with the paranormal in his own home and captures evidence of mysterious entities."
"A malevolent spirit masquerades as a child and terrorizes a young family."
"A TV first. This is the story of one of America's senior exorcists and how he is schooled in the ancient art of exorcism at the Vatican in Rome."
"Close encounters with UFOs do not come with more credible witnesses than this - several senior American airmen including a Lieutenant Colonel see alien crafts near a nuclear base in Suffolk, England."
Season 4 - Paranormal Witness
"A darkness lurks in the derelict hallways of the abandoned Windrift Motel that will chill the new owners, Ron and Doretta Johnson, to the bone and push them to the very brink of evil..."
"Teen movies 'Scream' and 'Nightmare on Elm Street' have never been so real as three college girls are terrorized by a demon woman intent on tearing their lives apart."
"A Pennsylvanian politician, Bob Cranme, must do battle not just with the ghost of the murderous doctor that haunts his home, but also the ancient Demon-God Molech that the doctor once worshipped."
"When Heather Platt turned six, she was given a life-sized Doll. The Doll, possessed with demons, would tear Heather's family apart until she had what she wanted - the little girl's soul. When famed paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren gets involved, you know you are set for a showdown..."
"Granddaughter, Debbie Ciho, is consumed by guilt when she has to turn off her sick grandfather Poppy's life support. His dying words were to admonish her, \"Debbie, you never came home.\" Words that would haunt her forever as Poppy returns to terrify Debbie and her family."
"At the back of the Snyder family home, there is a darkness that lurks beneath the inky waters of the pond. Now they must do battle with this malevolent force or lose their daughter to its murky depths."
"Jeanine and AJ Bertholt thought they had bought their perfect 'forever' home. But after discovering satanic symbols carved into the floorboards, the family begins to realize something else is in the house with them - a dark, terrifying demon that wants Jeanine's soul."
"After a life-threatening stroke, Christi Leidel and her family were hoping for a fresh start in their new country home. But a series of terrifying encounters with a band of Native American spirits left the family battling for their sanity and their lives..."
"When Linda Coddington moved into the apartment in Washington Missouri with her little daughter, she thought she'd found a sanctuary for her family. But something evil was lurking behind the boarded up fireplace - the familiar of a witch who'd lived there years before..."
"The story of the Perron family and their experience living in a farm house in Harrisville, RI. They experience paranormal activity and seek the help of Ed and Lorraine Warren who are highly renowned in the field of demonology."
"Three broken-hearted women renting an old house together discover that their fresh start is anything but that. The house was plagued by terrors of biblical proportions and their supernatural tormentor, a hell and brimstone preacher, will not rest until hell freezes over..."
"In summer 2009, eight U.S marines were sent to guard an ancient outpost in Afghanistan that had seen battled for over centuries of war. The marines soon realized they were sitting on a graveyard and that they faced a ghostly enemy that no military training could ever prepare them for..."
"When Amanda and Chris Engler moved with their little daughter into the house once owned by Amanda's grandmother, they thought their life was blessed. Until the sound of footsteps and the scratch of fingernails reveal that there is another relative interred in the home - and wicked Great Aunt Almarie wants them gone."
Season 5 - Paranormal Witness
"Harper Lee, the famed author of \"To Kill A Mockingbird\", travelled to Alabama to research the story of an enigmatic preacher accused of murder and practicing voodoo. Writer Jenny Scott follows in her footsteps with terrible consequences."
"Three young college students recall moving into a rental property in a rundown Savannah neighborhood and coming face-to-face with the ghost of a demented crack fiend."
"Life turns hellish for three young girls from a Hispanic family after they break the rules when playing with a Ouija board."
"In this account, a loving Christian family are shocked to discover that their eldest son has entered into a deadly contract with the devil, which is why a mysterious and evil \"Tall Man\" is stalking their home."
"A war veteran takes a new job in Lawton, Okla., but the fresh start that he and his brothers decide to make together turns nightmarish when a malignant demon known as the Zozo enters the picture."
"A young couple on a sightseeing trip to Point Pleasant enter an old munitions bunker and unwittingly awaken the infamous Mothman - a harbinger of doom that follows them home and subjects them to a reign of terror."
"A family claim that American serial killer Stephen Richards, who was executed by hanging in Nebraska in 1879, is terrorizing their home."
"A woman begins to wonder what secrets lie buried beneath her newly purchased home in the town of Santa Susana Knolls, Cal., which has a reputation for its troubled past with biker gangs and violence."
"A family's dream ranch in rural Texas soon turns into a nightmare upon their discovering the property's horrifying history. Also: There's a reported encounter with wolf-like creatures that seem to want the new homeowners to go away."
"A prison guard fears for his safety working the night shift at Estrella Jail in Phoenix, where legend has it that the spirit of a violent criminal is responsible for driving inmates and officers crazy, and even to their deaths."
"The owners of an old Victorian hotel worry that a bride who's having her fairytale wedding at the site could have her day ruined if they don't confront the hotel's chilling history and the legend of a ghostly watchman."
"A couple camping in the desert see lights in the night sky and figures descending to Earth. Later, with limited memory of the night, their hypnotism unlocks the truth-of their alien abduction."
"When Stacey Hayes manages an abandoned hospital's renovation, she witnesses alarming paranormal events. She seeks out investigators for help, who are trapped and attacked by the forces within."
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