Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Fred Rogers hosts this children's television program that teaches children the important issues of life, such as being friendly, sharing, etc. Also features an imaginary world with puppets living in a medieval-type kingdom.

Duration:30 mins

Quality: HD



Season 11 - Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
"A visit with Dr. Earl Grollman, author of books for parents and children about divorce, who helps children understand that some things, like musical instruments, can be fixed, - but other things, like relationships, can't always be fixed."
Season 13 - Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
"In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Daniel Tiger feels forgotten, and finds out what helps when a friend makes you sad. Mister Rogers helps children know that friendships can be repaired when friends talk about what they're feeling."
"Mister Rogers shows different kinds of zippers and a factory video of how people make them. In Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday feels sad about his parents being away. It helps to talk with his \"night and day caregivers\" about his feelings."
"Mister Rogers shows a factory tour of how people make balloons. In Make-Believe, the King and Queen are away on official business and Prince Tuesday is worried that maybe his parents will not return."
"Mister Rogers shows his eyeglasses and talks about wearing glasses. A person who takes care of fish visits, and they talk about how even fish need care. In Make-Believe, it's nighttime and Prince Tuesday gets comforted after a scary dream."
"Mister Rogers visits a factory to see how people make graham crackers. In Make-Believe, the Prince is happy his parents return, but still angry that they left. He is assured there will always be people who will take good care of him."
Season 16 - Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
"World-renowned trumpeter Wynton Marsalis visits to play with the Neighborhood trio and talk with Mister Rogers about his music. It's nighttime in Make-Believe, and Henrietta is sad because she thinks her friends have forgotten her birthday."
Season 17 - Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
"Mister Rogers says nobody's perfect, but they can still give good care. Folk singer Andy Holiner sings with some children. In Make-Believe, King Friday makes a mistake introducing Audrey for her poetry reading. Even kings make mistakes."
Season 19 - Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
"Mister Rogers visits San Diego's Wild Animal Park to see lots of different animals including elephants, tigers and giraffes. They're much like the pretend ones the neighbors are talking about as they plan a special musical in Make-Believe."
"Mister Rogers visits a film processing plant to learn how people turn unexposed film into finished photographs. In Make-Believe, the Neighbors continue their preparations the special musical story, \"Josephine the Short-Neck Giraffe.\""
"The Neighborhood of Make-Believe presents \"Josephine the Short-Neck Giraffe,\" a musical story for children by Fred Rogers. We meet Josephine who feels badly because her neck is short. Her friend suggests she attend the \"School for Growing.\""
"The musical story continues as Josephine and Hazel Elephant enroll at the \"School for Growing\" where they meet a snake who can't hiss, an elephant with stripes, and a very shy giraffe. They begin to learn about the value of being unique."
Season 21 - Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
"Mister Rogers talks about children growing to be adults. He shows how a cat grew from a little kitten and a photo album of babies and toddlers and the different ways they are growing. In Make-Believe, the \"Big Thing\" finally arrives."
Season 22 - Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
"Mister Rogers delights in a visitor who can whistle, especially because that's something Mister Rogers hasn't been able to learn. Nobody can do everything. In Make-Believe, Robert Troll learns about people by taking a census."
"Folk-singer Ella Jenkins teaches Mister Rogers a song plays the kazoo. There's lots of different learning in Make-Believe, and Mister Rogers shows a video of some of the many ways parents and children learn from each other."
"In this episode there's a factory video to see how people make construction paper. And Mister Rogers reminds us - young and old alike - it can take a lot of trying to learn something -- the important thing is to keep trying."
"Mister Rogers encourages children to ask a lot of questions helping children know that wonder and curiosity are so important for learning. In Make-Believe, the children plan a field trip so they can learn from their neighbors."
"Mister Rogers talks about different size batteries and shows how a flashlight works. He helps children know that the world is full of lots of things to wonder about and that learning is everywhere. And that people to help us learn."
Season 26 - Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
"Mister Rogers helps children know that even when people are angry, there are things they can with their hands that won't hurt themselves or anyone else. A factory video shows how people make facial tissues."
"What do you do with the mad that you feel? Do you pound something, like some clay or a steel pan? Mister Rogers visits people who make and play steel pans. In Make-Believe Lady Elaine is finding better things to do with her mad feelings."
"Mister Rogers visits with STOMP! the percussionist performers who use everyday objects: brooms, pipes, buckets and their hands and feet, to make exciting music. In Make-Believe Lady Elaine is working on saying \"I'm sorry.\""
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