Mike Tyson Mysteries

A new series by Warner Bros Animation that places the ex-boxer in a problem solving premise alongside a talking pigeon and a magical face tattoo.

Duration:12 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Mike Tyson Mysteries
"Cormac McCarthy seeks Tyson's help in finding an ending for his latest novel. Tyson and his Mystery Team decide to visit the writer's ranch that's being haunted by the El Chupacabra - and John Updike."
"After receiving a cryptic message for help on an IBM punch card, Mike goes to the chess tournament where IBM's chess program Deep Blue and Grandmaster Garry Kasparov are having a rematch. Mike mistakes Garry for a Grand Wizard of the KKK."
"While Mike goes to give a commencement speech at Miami University in Ohio, NOT Miami, a human trafficker takes Yung as compensation for Pigeon's gambling debt. Can Marquess and Pigeon save her before Mike gets home - or find another Yung?"
"A nice young couple with a cute dog wants to relocate from Phoenix. They ask a movers TV show and Mike and the gang to help them find the right new home for them. Their first choices are a ranch-style house and a haunted murder site."
"While trying to lose weight, Mike gets a serious case of the munchies. Can he resist the pies from a local diner long enough to help Andrew, a desperate boy who might be a werewolf, find a girl who will go out with him more than once?"
"A terrified widow asks Mike and the gang to catch the chainsaw killer who dismembered her therapist husband and is now coming for her. Horrified, Marquess suggests that they call the police but Mike's too busy trying out his merchandise."
Season 2 - Mike Tyson Mysteries
"In the Season Two premiere, a harried soccer mom is being driven insane by a mystery sound coming from somewhere in her minivan. Can the team solve the mystery or will they be driven insane...from riding around in a minivan with a harried soccer mom?"
"After Wayne Brady drops out of a show for the military in Afghanistan, Mike is asked to fill in. Mike's manager Deezy agrees to take over the mystery solving business while they're away and catch a mummy on the loose in a museum."
"A man who suspects his wife is cheating asks Mike and the team to investigate for him."
"When a guest goes missing from the set of the late night interview show, Mike and the team are off to New York. But more importantly, will anyone remember it's Marquess' birthday?"
"The gang is called to help siblings Alex and Elsa decide if they should put their 96-year-old father, who lives on a snowy mountain and is obsessed with Yetis, in a nursing home. They accidentally discover his other passion. Sing Heil."
"A negative online review of the Mike Tyson Mystery Team is unacceptable to Mike Tyson, so he vows to find the guy called Jason who wrote it after Mike failed to show up and help him with his vampiric problem."
"Is the new location of a popular restaurant cursed? An old whaler legend might hold the key to this mystery."
"Mike Tyson's house has termites and must be tented which ends up attracting a more devilish kind of uninvited guests."
"The L.A. City Council hires the team to explore the unusual slowdown at the Port of Los Angeles. Mike dives into the mystery and discovers - Atlantis. However, the place is now little more than a third rate Greek tavern run by a moocher."
"The team takes the Pigeon to his old lakeside home to see his hot ex-wife Sandra, who turned him into a bird, and sign their divorce papers. A kooky old Native American warns the team of something called Ogopogo that lives in the lake."
"In order to help a worried husband find out why his wife won't wake up from a coma, Mike decides to kill himself and the team and enter the woman's mind as a ghost. The ghost-team finds a Disney-esque idyllic place with a perverse twist."
"Mike disbands the team under the belief that they have solved all the mysteries in the world. Snoop Dogg has assembled his own mystery operation. However, when a member of Snoop's team disappears, he summons Mike for help."
"Mike and the team recount for an audience how they helped an obese man with a dominant needy mother lose weight. The horrifying result shocks even them."
"Mike Tyson travels to Paris, France and Brasil to retrieve some rare blue pattern for his Costume. Also he brings along his very annoying pool cleaner employee."
"Mike helps a wealthy family who don't trust the man their youngest daughter is going to marry."
"Mike and the team are contacted by a large bank about a mystery. But even after several weeks of meetings and phone calls, culminating in the team being formally \"hired,\" they realize they still have no idea what the mystery is about."
"Effeminate theater director believes that the so-called Macbeth's curse is plaguing his rehearsals of the play. Meanwhile, Marquess is having a really bad acid trip thanks to Pigeon's hellishly hard drugs."
"The gang has just solved another mystery by burning down a house that was supposedly inhabited by a demon. Yung finds a Christian boyfriend who turns out to be a homophobic zealot who believes in the rapture. The two plots merge."
"The team arrives on a farm in a small town to help the slutty daughter of a friendly conservative Christian couple that resents her. However, there's a very good reason for the way they treat her."
Season 3 - Mike Tyson Mysteries
"After the events of \"Save Me!\" from season 2, the team needs a new home. Since Deezy is dealing with depression, Mike has no choice but to turn to his secret estranged famous nerdy brother he's deeply ashamed of."
"Mike remembers the team's very first mystery. In 2001, Mike, Marquess, baby Yung and Pigeon are invited to the White House to help President George W. Bush's Chief of Staff Andrew Card. Also, the team's renovated house is haunted."
"Mike buys a used desk at a yard sale. In one of the drawers, Marquess finds what seem to be love letters from the late previous owner to his wife and insists that the team should return them to her. His plan backfires."
"Two rival effeminate professional fishermen start a feud when one accuses the other of winning the professional bass fishing tournament by cheating. Then he finds out about Excalibur."
"Mike and the team try to find a politician's son missing from an exclusive prep school with a surprising twist. They first visit the schoolboys' favorite hangout spot - a suspicious hollow tree."
"The owners of the new Museum of Mining desperately need Mike's help for the ribbon-cutting part of the grand opening ceremony. Mike's manager's niece joins the team as an intern and falls through a hole in the museum."
"Pigeon returns from a heavy night out with a broken wing and other injuries that require a trip to the vet. Depression quickly kicks in and he refuses to fly again. The team tries to solve a computer file mystery and winds up in danger."
"A husband fears his wife's reaction to the loss of his wedding ring, but Marquess convinces him that everything will be just fine. When it doesn't, desperate Marquess goes to the extreme to save his own skin."
"Wall Street executives ask the Team to investigate possible manipulation of the market, but Mike gets bored and tries to switch mysteries when his limo driver from a previous episode mentions a boy abducted by a phantasm."
"A woman's pet dog can't stand her boyfriend. Pigeon has a perverse theory on why the dog is acting like that but Marquess suspects that the dog might actually be the woman's reincarnated late husband."
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