Jay Leno's Garage

Follow Jay on his journey through the always-fascinating world of people, their prized automobiles and cars everywhere, new and old.

Duration:60 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Jay Leno's Garage
"In this high-octane premiere, Jay revisits the American muscle car golden era. He explores what started the trend, why they're so valuable today, and if there's a rebirth on the horizon. He visits pal and muscle car aficionado Tim Allen."
"A tour of California features a ride with a legendary motorcycle club; a visit with east Los Angeles hot-rodders; an exploration of the Ridge Route; and a look inside a secret vault at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles."
"Baseball player C.J. Wilson, automaker John Hennessey and actor Laurence Fishburne discuss their passion for cars."
"Jay explores rough terrain with off-road racer Amy Lerner and races ventriloquist Jeff Dunham in an amphibious car. Also: a look at designer Baron Margo' creations."
"Jay drives a fire truck through the winding streets of San Francisco; races an Abrams tank at Fort Irwin in California; travels at high speeds with the Secret Service; and examines an alternative to the postal truck."
"A look at famous rivalries in the automotive industry. Also: Jay races a driverless car from Audi; and discusses the spirit of competition with racing legend Mario Andretti."
"A look at vehicle design includes a visit to Keanu Reeves' motorcycle studio; and a study of aerodynamics at a racetrack. Also: Jay learns the process of making-and wrecking-movie cars; and designs his own car."
"Francis Ford Coppola is interviewed. Also: Jay drives a 3-D printed car; and observes vehicles that can go over 3000 miles per gallon."
Season 2 - Jay Leno's Garage
"Jay Leno explores the wild designs and cutting-edge technology behind the world's most coveted vehicles: supercars. With guests Robert Herjavec, Nick Cannon and Alonzo Bodden."
"Jay Leno explores the cars behind the world's most powerful crime-fighters. He practices high-speed maneuvers with the LAPD, plays superhero for the day in a Batmobile, and talks Ghostbusters and Blues Brothers with gearhead Dan Aykroyd."
"Two-wheel stunt driving; the three-wheel iRoad vehicle. Also: A ride in the Hemi Under Glass; snowmobiling with X Games medalist Doug Henry."
"Jay joins a Mad-Max inspired car culture, dives head first into the risky world of motorcycle sidecar roadracing, and entertains crowds in a massive monster truck."
"Jay takes a motorcycle road trip with rock legend Anthony Kiedis, learns how to drive like James Bond with stuntman Ben Collins, and cruises through the Hollywood Hills with his own personal icon, jazzman Herbie Hancock."
"Jay faces off against his old friend and rival, Tim Allen, in a Camry with 800 horsepower; meets a man who turns rust-buckets into race-worthy works of art; cruises with David Spade and goes head-to-head against a jet-powered ex-Mennonite."
"Jay explores the deep emotional bond people have with cars. He meets one of Joe Biden's great loves, a '67 Corvette; sets up a race between the Vice President and Colin Powell; rides with Bill Goldberg; and goes camping Gabriel Iglesias."
"Jay dives deep into the world of unrestored classic cars and the passionate collectors who pay big bucks for them including Jerry Seinfeld's Porsches, a vintage racecar with Patrick Dempsey, and a Las Vegas man who owns 33 1941 Cadillacs."
"Jay Leno rides in rock legend Sammy Hagar's \"I Can't Drive 55\" Ferrari; visits Brad Paisley's tour bus; dresses up in the iconic Liberace Zimmer; and chauffeurs car lover and pop legend Kelly Rowland in a million dollar vintage Bentley."
"Jay Leno puts Joey Logano into a 1960s race car; talks Corvettes with Caitlyn Jenner and Kendall Jenner; explores autonomous driving in a Tesla and 1956 Firebird; and meets a high school teen that designs a new type of solar race car."
"Jay and comedian pal Jeff Dunham race the fastest amphibious cars on the market, then Jay hits the high seas in a massive Navy hovercraft, fights fire with a vintage steam truck and drives a wet race course wearing a drunk-simulation suit."
"Jay explores the influence of outer space on car design, technology and culture. He visit Edwards Air Force Base with astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson and discusses space's influence on design with pop culture historian Charles Phoenix."
Season 3 - Jay Leno's Garage
"Jay heads to George W. Bush's ranch to ask all about his famous Ford pickup, challenges Wanda Sykes to a race in a minivan, takes a ride with Billy Gardell, and gets his feathers ruffled by Gabriel Iglesias' Smokey and the Bandit Trans-Am."
"Jay heads to Las Vegas to cruise around with Brad Garrett, goes on an adventure in J.B. Smoove's boat-sized Lincoln, works up an appetite in a giant hot dog car, heads out on a training mission with Marines, and drives an upsized VW Bug."
"Jay competes in a drifting race against his nemesis Tim Allen, learns the finer points of \"mudding\" in Georgia, slides over snowy slopes in a race against Katherine Legge, and participates in his first demolition derby."
"Inspired by vehicular rule-breakers, Jay cruises in a Pink Panthermobile, chats with legendary customizer Ed Newton, sees inside Jeff Dunham's wacky garage, rides in a giant art car made for Burning Man, and splashes in a hot-tub Cadillac."
"Car lovers who never want to grow up; Michael Strahan and Josh Duhamel surprise a special kid; a four-story, motorized fire-breathing dinosaur; Jay tours the 85-acre playground of Pixar's John Lasseter; and grumpy comedian Jeremy Hotz."
"Jay takes a vintage belly tank racer out onto a dry lake bed, talks hand-crafted Bentleys with comedian Russell Peters, surprises an iconic Porsche customizer, and spends the day with a reformed bad boy who helps troubled youth."
"Jay meets actor Dax Shepard's true love, a '94 Buick Roadmaster, learns to rally with adrenaline-junkie Bucky Lasek, delivers pizzas with Papa John, donates a custom car to a disabled veteran and learns how to manage road rage with a yogi."
"Jay hangs out with Richard and Kyle Petty, heads to the Riverside County Fair to learn the art of tractor pulling, meets a girl who restored a Mustang and an airplane with her dad, and gets invited to a Shelby family reunion."
"Jay becomes the first customer to receive Ford's new GT, goes sidecar off-roading with comedian Alonzo Bodden, checks out a vehicle that can become anything you want on the big screen, and meets up with legendary newsman Ted Koppel."
"Jay hangs out with Travis Pastrana, meets famous stunt driver Debbie Evans who faces her fears for money, teaches Gilbert Gottfried to drive a new Ferrari, and talks saving lives and specialized vehicles with airport firefighters."
"Jay explores the most exciting alternatives to standard fuel, meets up with Arnold Schwarzenegger to check out the Governator's G-Wagon, and goes deep into rural California to revisit a time when burning wood could run cars."
Season 4 - Jay Leno's Garage
"BABY DRIVER star Jamie Foxx reveals his driving skills; stunt driver Ben Collins re-creates the chase scene from THE SPY WHO LOVED ME; the original BULLITT Mustang; musician James Taylor reunites with the car from TWO LANE BLACKTOP."
"Jay enlists Terry Crews to be a guest announcer; meets up with chef and car collector Guy Fieri; meets a man and his cat co-pilot in their modified Jaguar with a Learjet trailer; and attempts to drive an insane two-direction vehicle."
"Jay explores the past, present and future of Detroit; he takes actor Tim Allen down memory lane; he tests the newest Corvette; R&B singer Martha Reeves schools Jay on the history of Motown; and he takes a ride in a \"mutant vehicle.\""
"Jay learns desert orienteering with skateboarder Bucky Lasek; puts a blue-collar twist on a luxury car race with Jeff Foxworthy; goes on a training exercise with Montrose Search and Rescue; and tries a prototype electric off-road vehicle."
"TV's Craig Ferguson teaches Jay how to be a rebel in a British mail delivery car; Jay talks about bootlegging with NASCAR team owner Ray Evernham; and he checks out a radical hot rod Rolls Royce and a Dodge Hellcat trapped in a Prius body."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Jay takes a trip with comic Chris Hardwick in the DeLorean from \"Back to the Future\"; he drives one of the most dangerous cars ever made with Jalopnik writer Jason Torchinsky; and is treated to a ride in comic Jeff Dunham's \"Hard Hat\" car."
"Jay explores tiny cars and big machines; crushes things in a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger; drives a dwarf replica car with Brad Garrett; tours Lane Motor Museum's wackiest micro cars; and looks at a Hennessey truck named for a dinosaur."
"Jay explores cars that are rolling works of art. He and TV host Trevor Noah take a ride in an outrageous Lamborghini Aventador; he meets Chris Runge, a designer who crafts works of moving art; and he talks to custom car designer Rick Dore."
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