Exploring the alluring world of professional basketball and the dancers who make the fans (and players) go wild, "Hit the Floor" asks the question: How much are you willing to sacrifice to make all your dreams come true?The Los Angeles Devils are...

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Season 1 - Bounce
"Ahsha Hayes is a recent college grad who tries out for the Los Angeles Devil Girls' NBA cheerleading team against her mother's wishes. Pete Davenport, former all-star player for the Devils, comes back to coach the NBA team. Olivia Vincent is a former Devil Girl who oversees the squad. Jelena Howard is the team captain and resident mean girl. She sees Ahsha as a threat. Cue the menacing music."
"In the Season Two premiere, All-Star Ahsha heats things up with Derek, and clashes with both Jelena and new boss Sloane. Pete's thrown by the arrival of estranged wife Lionel, and the Devils break ground on their new arena."
"Ahsha reels from shocking news, to the enjoyment of Jelena. Kyle skirts the rule that she's dating a player. Pete encourages Raquel to stand up to her ex. Derek andTerrence are at odds over Derek's commitment to the team."
"Ahsha and German share cramped quarters after Ahsha moves into German's studio. Pete and Sloane talk for the first time about the past. Olivia investigates a former Devil Girl's disappearance."
"The Devil Girls perform on the Santa Monica Pier and attend an extravagant charity event in support of the Devils' Foundation. Ahsha demands answers about Sloane's past. Terrence keeps a secret from Jelena, one Jelena is hellbent to uncover."
"The power goes out at Devils Arena before a sold-out game. A frustrated Oscar threatens to move the team and reveals his future plan to Chase. Ahsha is upset with German after he gives her a pricey gift, then gets trapped with Derek in an elevator."
"The Devil Girls perform at the premiere of a basketball film featuring cameos by Derek and Terrence. Ahsha's Devil Girl star is on the rise. Olivia is furious when Kyle engages in non-sanctioned Devil Girl behavior."
"Olivia sidelines Jelena from choreography, allowing Ahsha an opportunity to shine. German and Ahsha fight over their relationship, and Derek reveals his feelings for Ahsha. Jelena and Terrence deal with a potential career change for Terrence."
"Terrence finds himself in trouble with Coach Davenport. German and Ahsha suffer a setback. Kyle hooks up with a fan who might have ulterior motives. Olivia advises Ahsha to reveal more of herself to battle Jelena."
"Oscar forces Olivia to handle a public relations nightmare. A surprising personnel change takes place within the Devils Organization. Pete and Raquel go on a romantic date. Oscar and Chase move forward with Oscar's plans for the Devils organization."
Season 2 - Bounce
"Ahsha heats things up with Derek and clashes with Jelena and Sloane; Pete's estranged wife arrives; the Devils break ground on their new arena."
"Ahsha and Derek try to keep their relationship secret; Sloane's investigation into Oscar intensifies; Pete and Raquel go public; Zero sets his sights on Jelena."
"Sloane's investigation takes a shocking turn. Meanwhile, Jelena gets new ammunition on Ahsha, Terrence makes a big decision, Jude and Zero conspire, and Lionel's true motives for coming to Devils Arena are revealed."
"Ahsha's spot with the Devil Girls is in jeopardy, with help coming from an unlikely source. Jelena's caught by her own moves, Kyle and Beau near the finish line, and Sloane's investigation suffers a setback."
"A storm hits as Jelena and Kyle are confronted by unwelcome visitors from their pasts. Ahsha is confronted by what it really means to be Derek Roman's girlfriend. And Sloane enlists a new ally."
"Jelena targets Sloane. Pete and Lionel grow closer. A surprise kiss stirs up old feelings. Derek and Terrence reach their breaking point. And Ahsha takes a very big fall."
"Jelena exploits Sloane's absence, and gets an ultimatum from Zero. Ahsha and Derek struggle with the aftermath of Derek's Roast. Kyle is the recipient of a one of a kind gift. And Raquel reveals a shocking secret to Sloane."
"Sloane and Raquel's investigation is stalled; Ahsha targets Jelena; Lionel and Pete's relationship takes a turn; a life is turned upside down by a kiss."
"Ahsha, Jude, Jelena and Pete deal with the fallout from their actions; Sloane is surprised by something; Kyle is tied more deeply to Oscar; Derek, Terrence and Zero are exposed."
"Jelena makes an unexpected decision. Meanwhile, Ahsha receives a big opportunity; Lionel faces her worst nightmare; and Sloane makes a startling discovery after trying to exact revenge."
"The Devil Girls invade the enemy; German and Ahsha get closer; Jelena plays a game; Lionel and Sloane fight; Derek has a confrontation with Jude; Oscar drops a bomb."
"The team pushes to the title in the Season 2 finale. Also: The police make a stunning arrest; and alliances are tested before a murderer is revealed."
Season 3 - Bounce
"The Devils get ready for their championship ring ceremony while the Devil Girls hold auditions. Elsewhere, Ahsha finds comfort with German after being fired; and Lionel makes a power move as the new boss."
"Jelena's forced to play nice with Vanessa while German's forced to answer to Ahsha. Sloane prepares to testify against Oscar. Zero gets jealous, Kyle gets suspicious, and Raquel gets news."
"Jelena and Terrence throw a Masquerade party. Jude and Zero's relationship takes a sudden turn. Kyle gets a surprise from her past. Derek's deal causes major issues for German and Sloane is targeted by Oscar."
"Lionel plans the biggest opening day in Devils history. Ahsha tries to resist Derek while German spirals out of control. Terrence and Jelena enlist a new ally. Kyle's movie takes a sexy turn, and a shocking kiss changes the game."
"Ahsha, Derek, German, Zero, Jude and Pete face the fallout from their actions. Sloane is forced to revisit her past. Jelena and Terrence are blindsided by an unwelcome discovery, putting their plan to buy the team in jeopardy."
"Tensions rise between Ahsha, German and Derek who reach a breaking point; Jelena faces her nightmare; Sloane asks Pete for a favor; Zero hosts a party; Kyle starts to film her movie."
"Ahsha and Sloane are in a race against time, and each other. Jelena makes a big gamble, while Terrence tries to right a wrong. Jude and Zero visit Zero's tragic past while Kyle makes a shocking confession."
"Chase Vincent returns with an agenda. Ahsha loses control. Derek and Kyle are powerless. Lionel's forced to make a desperate move. Raquel comes clean. And Jelena faces her demon."
"Devils Nation suffers a devastating loss. Meanwhile, Lionel's actions ricochet through everyone's lives, Zero searches for someone from his past and Jelena struggles with an unbeatable adversary."
"Derek's hiding a secret and Ahsha's world will never be the same. Sloane fights for her life, while the fight for ownership of the Devils reaches a shocking conclusion."
"(Special additional Episode) Jelena takes on her duties as CEO of the Devils. The shooter is revealed. Derek and Ahsha get married. They believe everything will be perfect, but with Jelena nothing is predictable."
Season 4 - Bounce
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"The stakes are high as a strip poker game stands between Jamie and London being front and center in the next Devil Girl promo campaign. Derek has redemption and revenge in mind."
"Pax confides in Jamie. German asks Derek to do the unthinkable. Eve decides how far she's willing to go to exact her master plan. The Devil Girls get gritty for charity by performing at an underground vogue battle."
"Secrets are revealed during the ISNY award show, as things come to light. Jude is forced to fight for what he believes in. Battle lines are drawn."
"With the playoffs looming, the couples must choose between their romances and careers. New alliances are formed. A bombshell revelation may derail the future of the L.A. Devils."
"As the Devils make it to the playoffs, power plays take place on and off the court threatening to wreck some of the players and cheerleaders, while two say I do."
"As the Devils gear up to take on Miami, their biggest opponent, personal conflicts come to a head and Devils Nation will never be the same again."
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